Want straightening but don’t want braces?

It’s a decades old conundrum. You want to get your teeth straightened, but wearing metal braces for a year or more is not going to do your professional image any good. So, instead, you just put up with your wonky teeth and hope to goodness everyone else can too.

Why put up with wonky teeth when there’s Invisalign in Kings Hill? Of course, you may be putting up with wonky teeth because you have never come across this brilliant way of straightening out mild to moderate misalignments.

Invisalign in Kings HillEven though Invisalign has been available for more than 20 years, it’s so discreet that unless someone tells you they are wearing these clear aligners over their teeth, you’d never notice.

Different from traditional braces

Invisalign in Kings Hill differs from bracket and wire braces in that there are no brackets and wires! Instead, you receive a series of smooth, rigid plastic aligners that look like mouth guards. They go on over your teeth, hugging the enamel and the gum line so closely that once they are in place, they pretty much disappear from view. Even you might not be able to see them when you glance casually at yourself in the mirror.

The aligners have carefully positioned pressure points located inside them. They press on your teeth, such that when you first put each one on, it will feel like it doesn’t fit. That’s deliberate. Stick with that feeling of discomfort and it was gradually ease over the next 7-10 days as the jawbone remodels itself to relieve the pressure.

When the aligner you are wearing starts to feel like a perfect fit, it has done its job. Discard it and put in the next in the series.

It takes a year on average for Invisalign to do its work. During this time, you must wear each aligner for at least 20 hours a day, but you take it out each time you eat or drink anything other than plain water.

Then brush your teeth and put the aligner back in. It’s that simple. No poking around behind brackets and wires to remove trapped food.

Consultations for Invisalign in Kings Hill are free. Why not book yourself in for one?

Braces for all at One Smile Oral Care

We’d all love to be naturally endowed with a big, broad straight smile, with the perfect shaped teeth lined up all in a row, ready to greet the world and make light work of all our meals.

Sadly, that privilege is granted to only a few of us in the modern western world. Our jaws are often smaller because our modern food doesn’t need so much chewing. Meanwhile, teeth remain the same size and that’s why they often come through crooked and crowded.

Braces in Kings HillThe good news is that getting wonky teeth straightened out has never been easier. Braces in Kings Hill have moved on so much in the past couple of decades; they are smaller, gentler and often much more discreet.

Here at One Smile Oral Care, we offer braces for both children and adults. Some are made of metal, some of ceramic and some are made of a kind of thin plastic that’s pretty much invisible when you put them on over your teeth.

How braces move teeth

It’s all about the pressure. Gentle pressure from archwires through brackets pull the teeth as the wires, which have been bent, try to return to their original shape. With aligners, the pressure is exerted by pressure points gently pressing on the teeth.

When gentle pressure is exerted on the teeth, the jawbone around the tooth roots reacts to relieve it. The bone is dissolved and resorbed into the bloodstream on the pressure side of the tooth. At the same time, new bone is put in place on the tension side of the tooth. Thus, the tooth gradually shifts position without coming loose in its socket.

Anyone of any age can have their teeth straightened with braces in Kings Hill, but straightening tends to progress more quickly in younger people.

Which braces in Kings Hill are right for you?

Generally speaking, we fit metal braces for kids because they are more robust. Adults prefer ceramic braces because they are more discreet. Ceramic is more fragile than metal. Adults also really love clear aligners, but these are not suitable for some alignment issues.

Come on in for a consultation and we can find out more about what braces would work best for you.

Time for a smile upgrade

If you have seen all those fabulous smiles walking around Kent and you are envious of those people who seem to have been born with such great teeth, then stop right now. It is almost certain that every single one of those great sets of pearly whites have had some kind of cosmetic treatment to make them look great.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings HillVery few people in the modern Western world are born with fabulously white straight teeth. Our modern diet has often made our jaws too small for our teeth to line up correctly. So, you are in the majority if your teeth are a bit wonky. Buck the trend by getting cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill so you too can have your very own wonderful smile.

Here at One Smile Oral Care, we offer a range of treatments of cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill to upgrade your look.


Veneers cover over imperfections on the surfaces of the teeth. We use veneers to fix chips, cracks, worn edges, gaps between the teeth, discolouration that won’t respond to whitening and even slight twists or leans.

Fitting veneers requires the removal of a very thin layer of enamel. This gives the dental adhesive something to bond to. It also makes sure that the veneers lie in line with the surrounding teeth.

Gummy smiles

Do your teeth look too short when you check out your smile in the mirror? It may actually be that your gums are too long. It’s not uncommon for people’s gums to grow too far down over their teeth and we have a way of paring back the gum tissue to expose more of your natural teeth, giving you a more balanced look.

Teeth whitening

White teeth are associated with youth and health. We can lighten your teeth by up to 8 shades in little more than an hour in the dentist’s chair. You pick the shade of white you want to achieve and our Zoom! whitening system and a UV light do the rest of the work.

To find out more about cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill, give us a call or ask next time you come in for a check-up.

Gum disease and the dentist in Kings Hill

You can be forgiven for thinking that tooth decay is the only mortal enemy of your teeth. In fact, generally speaking, once you have made it past childhood, your risk of tooth decay drops off. Your tooth enamel has hardened up and, as long you keep brushing and flossing, you are less likely to get decay, often because you are eating fewer sugary things.

Dentist-in-Kings-HillGum disease is another matter. It is going to be enemy number one once you hit adulthood. So, it’s really important to continue to take your oral health regime seriously throughout adulthood.

We know that it’s not just kids who can find brushing their teeth twice a day for 2 minutes a real faff. Busy adults can cut corners with their oral health routine too. The trouble is that every time you don’t brush properly to remove plaque, you give what remains in your mouth more opportunity to harden into tartar, which can only be scraped away with special tools by the dentist in Kings Hill.

Gum disease is a progressive condition caused by the acids from plaque. It starts out fairly innocuously, with red, swollen gums that bleed when you brush them. At this stage, all you need to get rid of gum disease is a good oral health routine.

If you ignore the problem, you will find that your gums develop pockets because the bone beneath them is now being corroded, plus there is still bleeding. Ignore that and the bone will start to disappear from between the roots of the teeth, which will start to wobble in their sockets. Finally, your teeth will come out altogether.

At the dentist in Kings Hill, we have various ways to deal with gum disease. We remove any deposits of plaque from the base of your teeth and under the gums, and smooth out roots that have been corroded. We can also use a laser to get rid of diseased gum tissue and interrupt the disease process.

We will be able to tell you if you have gum disease when you come to One Smile Oral Care for your bi-annual check-up.

Easy straightening with Invisalign in Kings Hill

If you want fuss-free straightening with no fiddling around trying to clean between brackets, bands and wires, then you need to check out Invisalign clear aligners here at One Smile Oral Care.

Invisalign in Kings Hill is a great way for busy, efficient people to straighten their teeth without having to spend precious time locked in the bathroom trying to remove the last meal from their straightening device.

Invisalign in Kings HillAs well as being easy to wear and clean, Invisalign in Kings Hill has the added advantage of being so discreet that many people will not even notice that you are having your teeth straightened.

How Invisalign works

Invisalign uses a series of clear rigid plastic aligners that look like mouth guards. The plastic is so thin, at 0.3mm, that once the aligners are in place over your teeth, they become like a transparent layer of enamel. People will have to peer very closely at your mouth to spot that you are wearing Invisalign in Kings Hill.

Inside each aligner is a collection of carefully sited pressure points – bumps and ridges designed to press on your teeth to get them to move in the right direction.

You wear your aligners day and night, only removing them to eat meals and brush and floss your teeth. It is important to keep your aligners in. If you wear them for less than 20 hours a day, there won’t be enough sustained pressure to get your teeth to move.

Each aligner takes 7-10 days to complete its task and once it starts to feel as if it fits really well, it’s time to discard it and start wearing the next aligner in the series. As you move through the series, it will seem as if your teeth are straightening out by magic.

Who can have Invisalign?

If you have mild to moderate alignment issues and your teeth have all fully erupted then you are a good candidate for Invisalign in Kings Hill. Invisalign, which uses a pushing pressure, does not work on teeth that have only partially descended from the gums.

Find out more

Come in for a free consultation and see if you can have Invisalign in Kings Hill.

Your child and braces in Kings Hill

When your child is young, their bones are still very malleable. You will know all about this if you ever broke a bone as a kid and it snapped more like a green twig than an old stick. Young bones can be pushed out of shape, or into shape, and when it comes to the jawbone, this can be a very useful thing.

Braces in Kings HillIt’s not uncommon for young children to develop jawbones that aren’t quite the right shape to hold all their teeth in a straight arch. Sometimes this mis-shaping is just how the jawbone has grown. Sometimes, it’s due to the fact that the child is doing something, like sucking a thumb, that is contributing to the problem.

The good news is that with the right braces in Kings Hill, at One Smile Oral Care, we can treat your child and make sure that they grow up to have a beautiful broad smile on a well-shaped jawbone.

Early check-ups

Modern dentistry is all about treating children with braces in Kings Hill while they are still young. This is a positive for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it means that we can solve any jawbone problems while the bone is still easily remodelled. Secondly, it means that we can guide emerging teeth into position, rather than having to reposition them once they have already come through.

If you have concerns about the position of your child’s teeth, or the shape of their jawbone, it’s a good idea to bring them along to us for a consultation from around the age of 5 years. If there is a problem related to an unhelpful habit, we can refer them to someone who can help them stop the habit before going on to treat the resulting dental problem.

We can fit your child with braces in Kings Hill and get their treatment done and dusted before they hit those dreadful teenage years when the last thing any kid wants to do is draw attention to themselves.

If you’d like to find out more about children’s braces in Kings Hill, why not book your child in for a consultation with Dr Yasmin George?

Ever thought you’d like a better smile?

If you’re discontented with your smile, you may have wondered how to improve it. Getting cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill is a way of treating an aspect of your teeth or smile to improve it aesthetically. Whether it’s teeth whitening or veneers, there are a variety of treatments available.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings HillCosmetic dentistry for all your needs

Looking for a dentist to provide cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill? One Smile Oral Care is a reputable, modern dental clinic with a range of options on offer to provide cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill. Our dentists are well-experienced and have been providing patients with different cosmetic dentistry treatments for a long time. We’re confident about ensuring you get the smile you want. When somebody joins us as a patient for the first time, it’s important to us that we listen to what they want. Our inviting and welcoming clinic provides patients with a comfortable environment and a tailored service.

Our treatments

Our dental clinic can provide treatments to meet your needs for cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill. This can include fixing a chip or removing tooth stains to brighten your smile. Our choices for cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill include:

  • braces used to help with straightening teeth or closing gaps between teeth
  • teeth whitening to help with lightening the colour of the teeth and removing stains
  • veneers to help with repairing chipped or broken teeth to improve the smile’s appearance
  • periodontal surgery to assist with improving a gummy smile.

At your appointment

As a new member, it’s simple to join our clinic as a patient. Once registered, one of our dentists will assess the area of your teeth you want to have treatment for, the options available to you and the length of time needed to complete the treatment. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions you have. For treatments such as teeth whitening, it can be completed in one session. For other cosmetic dental treatments, such as periodontal dentistry, this will need a few appointments.

Want to know more?

If you’re ready for the next step in getting cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill, get in touch with our team to find out more.

The importance of healthy teeth and gums

Having teeth and gums in optimum health is important for a happy life. What’s more, visiting a dentist you trust to provide a thorough check-up and identify potential issues is really crucial. At One Smile Oral Care, we’re a dentist in Kings Hill that works hard to establish positive and caring relationships with our patients, providing an excellent standard of treatment.

Dentist in Kings HillHow it works

Joining our dentist in Kings Hill involves completing a form about your medical history. We’ll book an appointment for you so that one of our dentists can provide an examination and assessment. Caring about our patients and making them feel happy and comfortable with their dental treatment is important to us. We like to make things easier for families. That’s why at our dentist in Kings Hill, we aim to book in family members an appointment on the same day, or as closely together as possible.

Booking appointments

Our dentist in Kings Hill is open from Monday to Saturday to offer a wide range of appointments. Our times are flexible. If you’re experiencing severe pain or toothache, our team will strive to book you an appointment for the same day.


Everything from general check-ups and scale and polishes, to fillings, teeth whitening and braces are offered at our dentist in Kings Hill. For treatments, such as a crown, we can make it on-site while you wait, so you can have it fitted the same day. Whatever you need, we’ll walk you through every part of your dental journey.

Looking after your teeth

Diet is important when it comes to healthy teeth and gums. Most people know that the sugary culprits, such as sweets and chocolate, are no-go areas. However, did you know about starchy foods? Bread, biscuits and crackers can contribute because mouth bacteria feed on the sugars in them, which then creates acid. This acid can attack your teeth for up to 20 minutes afterwards. It’s most effective to limit your intake of these foods. Drinks, such as red wine and tea, are known to cause teeth staining, too. Foods less harmful to teeth include vegetables and calcium-based foods, such as milk. Foods such as cheese can also help to neutralise acid.

Are there health benefits to Invisalign in Kings Hill?

Most people are after Invisalign for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes. However, this innovative treatment can offer much more than a beautiful smile.

Invisalign in Kings HillInvisalign is our treatment of choice for straightening crooked teeth discreetly at One Smile Oral Care. This discreet but powerful treatment can treat many dental problems, both mild and moderate. Whether you suffer from an overbite or gapped teeth, learn how Invisalign in Kings Hill can improve your oral health.

Protect and strengthen your gums

When you have misaligned teeth, you are at greater risk of harming your gums. This is because it’s easier for plaque and bacteria to hide in the crevices created by your misaligned teeth, which can potentially cause gum disease and other serious gum problems. With Invisalign in Kings Hill you can straighten your teeth and protect your gum health at the same time. Not to mention that oral hygiene will become much easier.

Make your teeth stronger

Misaligned, gapped and overcrowded teeth create unnecessary pressure on your jawbone and this can lead to serious problems such as wear and tear of the tooth enamel, jaw pain and migraines. These issues are easily avoided with the help of Invisalign in Kings Hill.

Improve your digestion

Invisalign also offers digestive benefits. If you have crooked teeth you may have noticed that it’s difficult to chew and bite your food properly. This can lead to digestion problems and impact the regular process of the absorption of nutrients in the body. Proper nutrition is important for overall health and being unable to enjoy your food because of digestive problems caused by your misaligned teeth is not ideal. With Invisalign in Kings Hill you can enjoy your food and reboot your digestion.

Getting started with Invisalign in Kings Hill

If you are interested in Invisalign, you will need a qualified dentist to advise and treat you. At One Smile Oral Care, we provide Invisalign to patients who wish to improve their dental problems discreetly in a friendly, relaxing environment. If you want to experience the health benefits of Invisalign, contact us today and we will book an appointment for you, which will determine your eligibility for this treatment.

Does your child really need braces?

Braces can be used to treat many dental problems including bite issues such as overbites and underbites. Young children are more susceptible to teeth straightening changes and bite adjustments with the help of braces, because their jawbones are not yet fully formed. However, are braces really necessary given that they can sometimes be a lengthy procedure?

Braces in Kings HillAt One Smile Oral Care, we believe in early teeth-straightening intervention with braces in Kings Hill. If you suspect that your children’s teeth are not developing properly, it’s time to discuss braces in Kings Hill with the help of our experienced dentists.

Signs that your child may need braces

Keeping your eyes open for possible dental or bite problems is highly recommended. If your child’s teeth are visibly misaligned, then chances are that they will need to have them straightened with braces in Kings Hill. However, things are not always very straight forward.

Some dental problems that cause misalignment or bite problems are not as obvious and only an experienced dentist can diagnose them. That’s why we recommend having an assessment for braces around the age of 8 years. At this age, your dentist can tell if your child’s teeth are growing according to plan and if there’s enough space for them. In any case, a dental assessment by this age whether your child has visible misalignment problems or not, will not do any harm.

Choosing the right treatment

Our experienced dentists at One Smile Oral Care have training in teeth-straightening technology and will use the latest techniques and materials to ensure that your children’s teeth are straightened effectively. Just because a child needs to wear braces for 2 years, it doesn’t mean that another child will need to undergo the same treatment. The length of treatment is determined by many parameters and is different for each patient.

How important are straight teeth really?

Straight teeth are very important for the proper development of your child. Not only do they look good, but they also help improve your child’s oral function. Straight teeth can also boost your child’s self-esteem and introduce them to great oral care habits.