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Investing in a better smile with cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill

When it comes to investments in presenting a better appearance to the world, the best way to work out if something is good value for money is to think of it in terms of cost per wear.

This method of testing value is used for buying clothes but also works well for smile upgrades with cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings HillAt One Smile Oral Care, we think cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill is great value for money because your smile is one item in your appearance that people notice before anything else when they meet you. Your hair might be a right mess. You could be wearing the wrong shaped jeans, or shoes, but if your smile is big and bright and friendly and well ordered, then everything else will pale into insignificance.

In terms of cost per wear, nothing gives better value than a smile upgrade. Of course, some treatments last longer than others, and some are more invasive than others, but they all improve something that is in use all day every day (unless you are a very serious hermit who never sees anyone).

That said, let’s take a look at the various treatments you can have with us at One Smile Oral Care.

Teeth whitening

This is very popular because it transforms the teeth without altering their structure in any way. But teeth whitening is not permanent. It removes surfaces stains and also gets into the tooth enamel to lighten it, but stains come back, depending on what you eat. So, when you factor in cost per wear, think in terms of the treatment lasting for several months. If you get the home whitening kit from us, you can buy top up treatment gel.

Cosmetic periodontal surgery

If your teeth seem too short, it may be that your gums are too long. We can remove excess gum tissue to reveal more of your teeth and balance out your gummy smile. This is a very long-lasting treatment, so great value in terms of cost per wear.


New covers for damaged teeth. These last for about 10 years so are also great value for money.

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Kings Hill cosmetic dentistry; giving you reasons to smile again

If you have the perfect smile thanks to white, clean, healthy teeth you are probably firstly already seeing your dentist regularly and frankly, you don’t have to continue reading, just keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re not confident in your appearance, however, due to the way your teeth look, maybe it’s time to consider cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill. Although, it’s important to ensure your general day-to-day dentistry is up to date, cosmetic dentistry can be that little bit extra that takes your smile to the next level.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings HillOur natural teeth may function well, but very few of us have the perfect Hollywood smile. In fact, it’s probably true to say the perfect Hollywood smile is also down to dental intervention rather than mother nature. So although she can provide the perfect setting, a few dental enhancements could boost your confidence and help you light up a room with a quick flash of your pearly whites.

Speaking of pearly whites

If you enjoy life and love to eat, drink and possibly even smoke, it’s likely that your teeth will have become discoloured over time. Even tea and coffee can have their effects on teeth staining, so what can you do to wipe away the revelry? Teeth whitening is a quick, simple but effective treatment. It can have quite an impact by removing years of surface staining. Although this is often available from over-the-counter preparations or at a beauticians, it’s worth mentioning these are often not as successful in removing stains as the dental equivalent. In addition, if the whitening solution is applied incorrectly it can lead to the damage of your teeth and gums. Dental preparations are the safest, most effective teeth-whitening treatment available. So come and see us at One Smile Oral Care for your teeth-whitening treatments.

If you need more work such as treatments for chipped teeth or if you have small gaps that need closing, dental veneers can be an effective way to enhance your smile. Veneers maybe the solution for you and, thanks to our on-site digital scanning and Cerec milling technology, you could receive this treatment in one visit for cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill.

Cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill: what’s on offer?

Here at One Smile Oral Care in Kings Hill, cosmetic dentistry is one of the areas we focus on. We offer a range of treatments under our cosmetic banner and they are proving increasingly popular with patients.

Due to advances in technology and materials, cosmetic treatments are more available and affordable than ever. Time was, if you wanted teeth whitening or Invisalign braces, you had to go to the big city. Now every High Street dentist offers this and more.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings HillWhether you are an existing patient or new to us, once we’ve given your teeth a clean bill of health, we can take a look at what cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill would be right for you. Here’s a quick overview:


These thin porcelain shells cover a range of chips, cracks, gaps and stains. Our cosmetic dentist bonds them to the front of your teeth with dental adhesive. This secures them in place for up to 10 years. Each veneer is custom-made to fit in with your existing teeth, in terms of size, shape and colour.

Zoom! whitening

This fast-acting whitening treatment is great if you have a special occasion coming up or need to look your best in a hurry, for a surprise date or job interview, for example. The procedure takes around an hour in the dentist’s chair. Our cosmetic dentist covers your gums with a shield then paints high concentration whitening gel onto your teeth. This is activated with a UV light then left for an hour, leaving your teeth up to 8 shades whiter.

Gum shaping

Do your teeth appear short? They may not be. It could be that you have too much gum showing. Using a laser that seals as it cuts, our cosmetic dentist can shave off excess gum tissue, revealing more of the natural beauty of your teeth.

Cosmetic braces

Braces that focus on straightening the teeth for aesthetic reasons, rather than because of a health condition, are known as cosmetic braces. We use both tooth-coloured fixed braces and Invisalign clear aligners to help you straighten your smile. And while you may not need this for your dental health, enhancing your smile can sure give your self-esteem a boost.

Upgrade your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill

Contrary to what you may think, cosmetic dentistry does not only focus on the appearance of the teeth. Cosmetic dentists are equally committed to the health of teeth and gums.

At One Smile Oral Care, cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill involves many treatments for creating the smile you desire.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings HillWhether you opt for teeth whitening or porcelain veneers among others, our dentists will concentrate on the aesthetic outcome as well as your oral health.

Once you choose the most effective treatment (or a combination of treatments), we can go ahead with cosmetic enhancements to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Teeth whitening

Yellow and stained teeth are very common and often prevent people from smiling. Whether the result of old age, genetics, caffeine, red wine or medications, discoloured teeth can brighten up with professional teeth whitening. At One Smile Oral Care, we offer custom-made, high-quality whitening trays for patients who wish to whiten their teeth at the comfort of their own home. Once you receive your trays, you will need to apply the bleaching gel to your mouth trays and wear them every day for a few weeks. You will be advised to use the gel until you have reached a level of whiteness you are happy with. The whole process may take 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the state of your teeth in the first place.

Porcelain veneers

Dental veneers have long been used for cosmetic purposes among patients who are displeased with the natural appearance of their smiles, but are reluctant to proceed with more invasive procedures. Porcelain veneers are small, ceramic shells which are bonded to the front of the teeth. Porcelain veneers are very versatile since they combine more than one treatment in one go. They can provide greater symmetry to the face, reshape chipped, cracked or broken teeth, straighten moderately misaligned teeth and even help patients achieve a brighter, whiter smile. Porcelain veneers are customised to match the size and colour of your natural teeth.

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment. Your new smile is within reach!

Know more about cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill

Modern cosmetic dentistry is constantly inventing new ways to improve peoples’ smiles. However, not many people fully appreciate how much their cosmetic dentist can do to improve their smile and oral health.

At One Smile Oral Care, we are dedicated to improving your smile and for this reason, we employ various cosmetic dentistry procedures that help improve the health and appearance of your teeth. Here are some things you may not know about cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings HillCosmetic dentistry is not only about aesthetics

Quite a few people believe that cosmetic dentistry is unnecessary, since it concentrates on the cosmetic aspects of teeth. For some individuals, cosmetic dentistry is very expensive, therefore not essential. This could is not necessarily true. Modern cosmetic dentistry treatments are increasingly affordable and offer many health benefits compared to the standard cosmetic ones.

Chipped, cracked and damaged teeth, are more susceptible to decay. Eventually, if they are left untreated the risk for gum disease increases dramatically. Fixing problem teeth with fillings, dental veneers or dental implants greatly reduces the risk gum disease and other serious oral health problems.

At the same time, misaligned teeth can cause severe headaches. Not to mention that they are very difficult to clean, accumulating dental plaque and bacteria over time. Straight teeth are easier to clean and remain healthy for longer.

Dental veneers are a viable alternative to braces

People with moderately crooked or gapped teeth may think that braces are the only solution to their problem. However, dental veneers are often viable alternatives to braces. This is because they are minimally invasive, considerably less expensive and can be fixed in as little as one dental appointment. Unlike braces, dental veneers do not require adjustments and are entirely painless.

Dental implants are completed in two stages

Most people considering dental implants don’t know that the procedure involves two steps. During the implant operation, the dental implants are fixed into the jawbone with the aid of titanium posts. These are fixed into the jawbone and will eventually support the dental implants, which can take the form of crowns, bridges or even dentures.

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Ways to make your smile even more lovely

There is no accessory as good at making you look wonderful as a great smile. It’s classic, it’s timeless and you wear it every day, all day. So, if your smile is not looking its best, maybe now is the time to ask friends and family for a new one for Christmas.

Here at One Smile Oral Care, we love seeing how cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill can upgrade someone’s smile and enhance how they feel about themselves and their life. Smiling is such an important thing to be able to do well and to do so, you need to have teeth worth showing off.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings HillCosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill can help improve the size, shape, colour and position of your teeth. At One Smile Oral Care, we offer a number of treatments that changes things for the better.

Teeth whitening

Whitening is the most popular treatment when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill and also around the world. We think this is because it is so easy to do and also because it does not alter the shape or structure of your teeth. We use Zoom! whitening here at One Smile Oral Care. We can carry out whitening in around one hour. Zoom! uses hydrogen peroxide gel to gently lift out stains left by tea, coffee, red wine, smoking and highly pigmented foods.


Veneers are tiny sheaths of porcelain that we make to cover over imperfections on your teeth. You can use veneers to hide chips, cracks, worn edges, gaps, slight twists and leans and stains that whitening can’t remove. Veneers are also great for making teeth that are too small appear larger. We custom-make veneers to match your teeth, and once they are in place, no one will be able to tell they are not your natural teeth.

Gum contouring

If you have too much gum covering your teeth and making them look shorter than they are, we can carry out cosmetic periodontal surgery to remove the excess tissue. This is done with a laser and there is very little bleeding.

Why not have a consultation to find out how cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill can brighten up your most important non-verbal communication tool?

Cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill and non-dental considerations

As we grow older and we become more conscious of our appearance, there are many reasons why we would not have confidence in our smile. Whether you wish to fix minor problems or major dental issues, cosmetic dentistry can be life-changing.

With a wide range of cosmetic solutions available, cosmetic dentistry at One Smile Oral Care is the real deal. No matter if you have chipped, cracked, discoloured, broken or misshapen teeth, these problems can be fixed easily and effectively with cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill. However, have you ever considered that cosmetic dentistry is not only about your teeth? Below are non-dental factors you should take into consideration before having cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings HillFacial structure

Your teeth and mouth make up roughly 30 per cent of your face and therefore they are correlated by other facial characteristics such as your facial height and your facial width. Depending on the shape and structure of your face, your cosmetic dentist may suggest different treatments.

Lip volume

Another parameter to take into consideration when designing your cosmetic dentistry treatment with your dentist is lip volume. If your lips are very thin, then you may show excessive amounts of your teeth when smiling and this is something important to consider in your planning process.


As we age, our facial characteristics gradually change, and this can lead to a distorted image of ourselves. Before deciding on a dental enhancement, it is always recommended to take into consideration our ageing facial characteristics and choose something that’s both relevant to our age and the goals we wish to achieve.

Skin colour

Many people fail to realise that getting a tan can have a really different whitening effect on their smile. The contrast is favourable for our teeth, since they appear a few tones lighter. However, this factor should be considered before any teeth whitening takes place.

Missing teeth

Missing teeth can alter our appearance significantly, therefore they need to be addressed with dental implants or other dental restorations.

All of these factors need to be taken into account by your dentist before any cosmetic dental treatment occurs.

Is it possible to mend your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill?

Chances are that you are not happy with your smile, but this is hardly a reason to become self-conscious of your appearance. Very few people possess a set of flawless teeth and luckily cosmetic dentistry can help.

At One Smile Oral Care, cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill is all about positive transformation. Not only do we want to help you transform your smile, but we also aim to make you feel better about your teeth. Our treatments range from simple to more complex, all providing a personalised touch to help you overcome your dental problems.

Cosmetic Dentistry Kings HillTeeth whitening with Zoom! technology

At One Smile Oral Care, we are delighted to offer Zoom! teeth whitening, an innovative and effective teeth-whitening system that helps patients brighten their teeth by several shades. As a matter of fact, Zoom! whitening can brighten your teeth up to 8 shades. The procedure is easy and can be completed within an hour or less. Simply relax, allow your dentist to paint the whitening gel on your teeth and then position the Zoom! lamp across them and you will be able to enjoy your new smile in no time.


Another important part of cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill is veneers. These ultra-thin, porcelain shells are attached directly to the teeth in order to conceal cosmetic flaws such as chips, cracks and permanent discolouration. Porcelain veneers can be installed on the teeth very easily and require few dental appointments (2-3, depending on the number of teeth covered). Porcelain is a very durable material and has the ability to diffuse light the same way natural teeth do.

Cosmetic surgery for your gums

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your gums? Are you suffering from a ‘gummy smile’? If excessive gum tissue hinders you from smiling, then you can take advantage of our cosmetic surgery services for your gums. Depending on your problem, we will help you reshape your gums so that your teeth appear longer and more attractive.

Do not settle for an unpleasant smile

If an unattractive smile is not what you want to live with, contact us today.

Am I suited to cosmetic dentistry on Kings Hill?

If you feel insecure about the look of your teeth, and are wondering about going for cosmetic dentistry on Kings Hill, the answer is yes, you are suitable. Feeling insecure about your teeth, and not fully happy or confident when you smile, day in, day out, can be exhausting. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to do something about it and come for a consultation to discuss your options. Here at One Smile Oral Care, we provide a range of solutions to smarten your smile and get you feeling like you again.

Cosmetic Dentistry on Kings HillWhile cosmetic dentistry might feel like quite a modern phenomenon, it has actually been around for a long time. Everyone has always striven for that Hollywood smile, since the Roman Empire rose to power, people were scrubbing their teeth with abrasive materials in attempt to whiten their smiles.

Cosmetic dentistry as a term became coined when Hollywood stars flashed their smiles at the camera. Nowadays, technology has developed allowing most people in search of a great smile, to achieve it.

There have never been so many options for you to smarten your smile.


One option, is veneers. They are a quick solution to smartening your teeth. They consist of multiple sheets of wafer-thin porcelain material that are bonded onto the teeth that are visible when you smile, one by one. In order to be bonded to the teeth, a very thin layer of enamel is removed from the teeth that are being treated.

They are a great option for those who have discoloured, chipped, spaced, or oddly shaped teeth. However, it is important to note that veneers don’t strengthen the teeth themselves, they are purely aesthetic.

Zoom! whitening

Another option in cosmetic dentistry on Kings Hill, is Zoom! whitening. Again, this is a speedy solution. It works by using a light activated whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide. This can be done in one visit to the dentist. We can discuss how much lighter you want to go, be it a couple of shades or a full Hollywood dazzle, so you find a shade that suits you. Either way, Zoom!  whitening is a fast and safe way to brighten your smile.

For the love of a good smile

Here at One Smile Oral Care, we don’t just create healthy smiles, we make happy ones too. Once we’ve given your teeth a clean bill of health, you may want to consider enhancing their appearance too.

In Kings Hill, cosmetic dentistry is an art and science that considers the overall look of your face. We don’t bleach your teeth to a frightening shade of white and send you out into the world to blind anyone you meet: we aim to enhance your smile and bring out its natural beauty.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings HillOur cosmetic dentist is Dr Yasmin George. Yasmin is a highly experienced dentist, having been in practice for 30 years. She has worked for many of those years in cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill, providing teeth straightening, teeth whitening, veneers and gum lifts. Yasmin is also herself a nervous patient, so she knows that sitting in the dentist’s chair isn’t easy for everyone. She offers a range of techniques to help ease anxiety and soothe the nerves.

Yasmin has a particular interest in teeth straightening, including using Invisalign clear aligners and Damon braces. Both these options are popular with our adult patients because they get the job done more quickly than traditional braces, and in the case of Invisalign, are transparent. So, no awkward conversations or stares from strangers in the street because you have a mouth full of metal.

Yasmin is known for her calm, honest and approachable manner. She believes in empowering her patients to make an informed choice about their cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill. She offers a wealth of information and advice and is totally transparent about price, so patients know exactly what to expect and how much it will cost. Nothing is left in the dark.

She also delights in seeing the transformation that can occur when someone loves their smile, perhaps for the first time in their life. Seeing her patients grow in confidence is one of the best things about her job.

Come into our surgery today and talk to Yasmin about how cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill could give your smile a brand-new start.