How cosmetic dentistry in kings hill can restore a damaged smile

Cosmetic dental work can be used for more than just aesthetically improving your smile, it can also be used to help restore teeth that have been damaged by poor oral care, accident and injury or lost to disease and infection.


Your options for cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill are numerous and there are a range of oral health issues that can be fixed with a little makeover. Here are just a few treatments that our team could provide you with to help restore a damaged smile.


One of the most common causes for seeking cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill is for help in covering up cracks and chips to the protective enamel layer of the teeth. In these cases your dentist would use veneers, which are small porcelain chips that are moulded to fit into gaps or over cracks and holes knocked into a tooth.

The process is relatively quick and these new covers are held in place with a harmless dental adhesive that’s then cured to solidify it and hold the veneers in their new homes.


Although not made from gold or jewels as the name might suggest, this procedure is similar in concept to veneers in that your dentist will place a ceramic prosthetic covering over the top of a tooth. This is normally used as a way to seal over the sensitive insides and root that may have been or could become compromised either from cavities or an infection.

Dental Implants

Another fairly common treatment, dental implants are small prosthetic teeth that your dentist would insert underneath your gum line and into the bone of your jaw. The purpose of this is to try and replace a missing tooth that’s damaged or compromised in some way or as an option for filling in gaps to strengthen the surrounding teeth.

The implant is held in place with a sterilised metal screw that’s attached to your jawbone through minor surgery, then as you heal this bone should reform around the new tooth to provide it with a strong and stable foundation to rest on.

At One Smile Oral Care our team will carefully shape and shade your new implant to ensure that it provides a sturdy yet natural looking replacement to the tooth you lost whilst giving you that healthy, whole smile.


Although more common in older patients or those with a poor oral health routine, fillings can be used to cosmetically enhance a tooth. Although the silver or metallic versions are more well known, your dentist might use white fillings, which are a mixture of silicone plastic and glass, to easily quickly cover and fill a tooth that’s at risk.

In summary, these are just a few of the various treatments that are available at the practice to help repair your smile and give you that strong and healthy looking grin you deserve. For further information on how we can help fix your toothy troubles, just get in touch with our team at the practice for a chat about some of the services we can provide.