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What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill is a field of dentistry with many available treatment options on offer for all of our patients. Many people are not happy with the way their teeth look. Quite often people have teeth that are not as perfect as they would wish them to be, this includes teeth that are stained, discoloured, worn, chipped, broken, misaligned, misshapen, or have gaps between them. All of these issues can develop feelings of low self-esteem in a person. Advances in modern cosmetic dentistry have evolved to a point where the best smile possible can be achieved. You can use one or more cosmetic procedures to create the smile you have always wished you had. Our dentists will work with you to develop the right treatment plan to achieve the results that you desire. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to design the look that you would like and using the wealth of our highly-trained, dental care professionals’ knowledge you can achieve this smile.


What cosmetic dentistry does One Smile Oral Care offer?

One Smile Oral Care offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry to allow you to build the smile you have always wished for. Cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill includes a variety of treatment options, these include the use of veneers, Zoom whitening and cosmetic periodontal surgery.

Veneers are placed directly onto the tooth’s surface to give a brand new smile, provided that you care for your new veneers then they can last an incredibly long time. Zoom whitening is another option to consider to improve your smile. Zoom whitening uses light-activated whitening gel to improve the whiteness of the tooth’s surface. This gel uses hydrogen peroxide to get excellent results and improve the overall look of your smile. This treatment option can be performed in the practice and in a reasonably short time, yielding excellent results. Cosmetic periodontal surgery involves treatment with the aim of having a less gummy smile. Often people can have the correct length of teeth, although they appear shorter, this can be because of an excess in gum tissue. Periodontal surgery can relieve our patients of this. All of these treatment choices are viable options to consider if you want to improve the overall appearance of your teeth and gums.

Why do people choose to have cosmetic dentistry treatments?

We have many patients more than satisfied with their cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill. As previously mentioned, having a smile that you are not one hundred per cent happy about can have a great impact on the way you view yourself and have a detrimental effect on your self-image. A less than perfect smile can have a negative impact on the way you live your life, you may find yourself trying not to smile – or laughing behind your hand. This is no way to live. Many people choose to have cosmetic dentistry treatments to fix things that they have been uncomfortable with for a long time or some people just want a brighter, more healthy-looking smile. If this sounds like something that you would find useful then why not get in contact and see what we could offer you to design your new smile.

What is this treatment?

Invisalign in Kings Hill is a treatment that many of our clients choose to use to restore their smile. This treatment can be used to make a smile straighter all while the treatment is actually invisible. Here at One Smile Oral Care, we can offer this treatment in order to allow everyone to achieve a brilliant smile, while not necessarily telling the whole world you are currently undergoing treatment. Invisalign uses clear removable aligners to move teeth slowly. This treatment is sought after as it does not require metal braces or wires. Aligners are usually used by adults whose teeth have all come through and don’t have a large degree of overcrowding or gaps. Many clients have used this treatment and been very happy with the results. It can often be disheartening if your smile does not look how you wished it did; this treatment means that you can finally achieve your smile goals.


How does this treatment work?

Invisalign in Kings Hill, as stated, uses clear aligners. It becomes important that you use these aligners as they are intended. This means that the aligners should be worn at all times and only be removed to eat, brush and floss. Aligners are made by taking impressions of your teeth. This means that the aligners are perfectly moulded to your specific set of teeth. This allows the aligners to benefit your mouth in the most efficient way.

This treatment uses 3-D computer imaging technology to map out the process of the treatment. This will give you a clear idea of how your teeth will look post-treatment. From your custom-made treatment plan a series of different aligners are made. Each aligner is worn for around two weeks and then you move onto the next one. This gradually pushes your teeth into the desired position. The process of moving onto the next aligner is repeated until your teeth have moved into the correct position.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

Invisalign in Kings Hill can provide many benefits to clients who choose to have it. This treatment can reduce your chances of developing gum disease. This can be linked to the fact that teeth can become easier to clean and care for. This treatment can correct bite problems and correct the cases of overcrowded teeth. Open bites can also be eliminated by this treatment. This treatment is widely praised for the fact that it can be relatively painless, allowing some sort of comfort as you undergo the treatment.

This treatment is fast and convenient, allowing you to go about your day to day life without being inhibited by dental treatment. The aligners can be taken out and this allows you to continue to eat your favourite foods whilst undergoing the treatment. This treatment can be a great confidence booster if you are unhappy with the way your teeth currently look. This treatment should be considered if you wish your smile was straighter or if your bite needs to be corrected. Everyone should have a smile that they can be proud of, and this treatment could help you become proud of your smile.

Braces hurt don’t they?

Braces in Kings Hill are a viable treatment option for patients who are aiming to improve the overall look of their misaligned smile. It is true that you can experience some mild discomfort through the use of braces to gently move your teeth into a more desirable position, however, this discomfort is nowhere near the level of pain that used to be associated with the use of braces. This only shows how highly developed is the level of dental care that is offered now and how we put the needs of our patients at the forefront of everything we do. If you do decide that braces might be the treatment option for you, then your dentist will work on a treatment plan with you to decide which braces are the right fit for both your mouth and the results you wish to achieve. Your dentist will also provide you with the necessary information concerning pain management. Do you have any other concerns about the treatment using braces?


Yes I do, don’t the teeth just move back after the treatment?

If you choose to have braces in Kings Hill fitted by a trained healthcare professional, then you will be issued with the necessary information concerning the proper care of your teeth, both during and after the treatment period. This includes regular brushing, flossing and keeping up with dental appointments. This gives you the best chance of maintaining your new and improved smile. It is normal to experience some movement after you have had your braces removed, this is because your teeth are not restrained by the braces anymore. Patients are usually required to wear a retainer after using a brace to combat this exact issue. As long as you work with your dentist and follow their advice your teeth should fall into and stay in the desired position. You can work with your dentist to discuss further treatment options if this is deemed necessary.

What kinds of braces do you offer at One Smile Oral Care?

Here at One Smile Oral Care, we offer an array of various kinds of braces, specifically designed to give you a brand new and healthy smile. If you are considering braces in Kings Hill then we could be the practice to help you. We offer a range of different braces which can be the right fit for a variety of different patients. Children and teenagers are often fitted with metal braces. These braces have continued to get less conspicuous through the years in their design and are now more accessible than ever. Translucent clear ceramic braces are more popular with adult patients as these are virtually indiscernible to other people, this can be an added benefit for those who are nervous about how their teeth will look whilst undergoing their treatment. These types of braces can be quite fragile due to their composition so it becomes increasingly important to look after them. If you think that braces could be for you, why not get in touch to see how we can help you achieve a straighter and more aligned smile? There is nothing stopping you!

How could a dentist help me?

Everyone should look after their teeth, gums and overall mouth health, to ensure that their smile lasts as long as possible. This can be aided with the help of a dedicated, highly-trained dentist in Kings Hill. Having a working relationship with your dentist can allow your smile to last a lifetime. Attending regular dental appointments allows you to engage in preventive work to stop the unnecessary eroding of your teeth and gums. You can also work with your dentist to aid restoration work, to boost your confidence concerning your smile and repair any damaged teeth. Visiting a dentist regularly helps you maintain a good level of oral health by reducing the chance of developing cavities and gum disease. Regular visits could also allow you to maintain a gleaming white, healthy smile, which can be aided by regular dental cleaning. Your dentist will always advise you on the best possible course of action concerning your teeth, this includes keeping you up to date on the science behind the best level of dental care. Your dentist will suggest when would be a good time for your next appointment, ensuring that your oral health is always their main priority.


What is on offer at One Smile Oral Care?

Here at One Smile Oral Care, we offer many different services, with the main goal of keeping our patients smiling. If you are looking for a dentist in Kings Hill, we can help. We offer restorative procedures, cosmetic dentistry and preventive care. We also offer more specific services such as dental implants, periodontal therapy, endodontics, braces, Invisalign, Zoom whitening and facial aesthetics. All of these options are specifically designed to give our patients the best possible chance of achieving the smile that they desire, with each treatment having very different outcomes on a person’s oral health. We will work with you to discuss your options and your ideal smile, to make judgments based on the overall outcome you wish for and your dental background. We will always ensure that we provide you with the best possible level of health care and answer any questions that you may have about the treatment that you choose to have, ensuring that you understand each step.

How is good oral health linked to good health overall?

If you choose to consider a dentist in Kings Hill you will be aiding not only your oral health but also the overall health of your body too. It is well documented that researchers have discovered a relationship between good oral health and good overall well-being. Gum disease has been shown to be linked to a number of different illnesses. These illnesses include heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore, it becomes even more important to look after your oral health through regular dental appointments. By looking after your teeth, gums and mouth you could be in turn, looking after the rest of your body, by maintaining high levels of health. Everyone should have a good dentist in their life, so why not get in touch and we can work together to make your smile the best it can be.

What are the most popular treatments in cosmetic dentistry?

Missing teeth in children and adult patients are experienced very differently. While the former may embrace the falling out of a tooth with joy and excitement (at the thought of a visit from the tooth fairy), the latter may find the discovery fills them with horror. Dental concerns such as cracked or chipped teeth are the other typical situations that place oral health at risk – consider for a moment how vulnerable the sensitive inner core of a tooth’s structure is to bacteria and germs that can enter through these cracks in enamel.

Fortunately, adults needing to have lost teeth replaced, or address aesthetic concerns about their teeth, can rely on Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings Hill to secure improved oral health and brighter smiles.

At One Smile Oral Care dental clinic our highly capable dental professionals have performed a myriad of dental procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings Hill. Here’s a look at three of the most popular procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings Hill.

3 Cosmetic dental procedures

  • Dental implants

    Dental implants are the most favoured option to replace missing teeth. Look at the numerous benefits of this procedure and it is easy to see why. It is only natural for patients to prefer a treatment that offers as natural a look as possible, has an incredible success rate, and protects the integrity of the dental arch and jawbone density.

    What patients should know about dental implants:

    A surgical procedure is required to place a metallic rod, that plays the role of an anchor like that of a tooth’s root, into the jawbone.

    A prosthetic tooth (usually a crown) is attached to the metallic rod.

    The same scrupulous oral care regimen required for natural teeth is used to ensure the longevity of a dental implant.

    Dental implants look just like natural teeth and no-one else will be able to discern that they are artificial.
  • Crowns

    A dental crown is placed over the part of the tooth that can be seen above the gum line. This approach to improving the appearance of teeth offers an additional benefit of adding a protective layer to block against infections progressing to the deeper layers of teeth.
    What patients should know about crowns:

    A dentist will have to prepare a tooth before a crown can be used. This may mean a tooth may have to be reduced in size in order for the crown to fit properly.

    Patients can consider having the colour of a crown matched to that of existing teeth for a seamless look.
  • Veneers

    Veneers are wafer thin coverings made out of porcelain, or composite materials, that are installed over a single tooth. The treatment is often used to address issues such as chips or cracks in teeth as well as discolouration. Veneers can also be used to reduce gaps between teeth.

    What patients should know about veneers:

    Like dental crowns, a dentist will have to first prepare a tooth for the shell-like covering.

    The dentist will then apply an adhesive to bond the veneer to the tooth.

    If you need to have missing teeth replaced, or have been considering cosmetic dentistry to improve the look of your smile, then give us a call at One Smile Oral Care dental clinic to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dentists.

What to know about the Invisalign teeth-straightening treatment process

Adult patients have embraced the idea of straightening their teeth with Invisalign in Kings Hill.  This is because the concept of removable plastic aligner trays addresses many of the challenges presented by traditional orthodontic devices.


Invisalign in Kings Hill offers patients a dental device that is nearly invisible.  More often than not, one cannot tell that a person is wearing the clear plastic trays.  This is of particular importance for young professionals who are in client-facing roles at work.

The trays can be removed by the patient when needed, which means that a patient has no restrictions on what they can or cannot eat.  In addition to this, keeping up with oral hygiene is less time-consuming and less complicated.

The process of Invisalign in Kings Hill begins with a consultation at our One Smile Oral Care. The appointment is necessary for our experienced dental practitioner to conduct a thorough assessment to determine patient suitability to receive treatment.  Like many of the orthodontic approaches available, the first thing that needs to be determined is oral health. Poor oral health will only compromise the teeth-straightening process, and no responsible dentist will initiate orthodontic treatment without evidence of strong healthy teeth and gums.

 An overview of the consultation appointment

One of the first objectives of the consultation process is to gather a complete profile of the patient.  We require our patients to answer all questions with complete honesty, especially in regards to overall general, and dental, health.  Underlying medical conditions like diabetes should be disclosed. Our dental practitioner will also want to discuss goals, and the reasons why a patient wants to undergo Invisalign treatment.

To get a full picture of the shape of a patient’s mouth, impressions will need to be taken. These images will be used to design a treatment plan, this includes the number of trays that will be required, and the duration of treatment.  This will be passed on to the lab technician who will be responsible for custom-creating the aligners. Dental impressions have moved on from the old days of messy moulds, which have been replaced by more efficient digital technologies that are more accurate.

 What Invisalign aligners are made of

Invisalign aligners are purposefully-designed medical-grade BPA-free clear plastic trays. Each set of trays work to gradually shift teeth into the required position.  As there are no metal parts to the device, patients enjoy relatively more comfort than other types of braces.

To ensure that the trays are doing the job they are meant to do, it is imperative that they are inserted onto teeth for a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours each day.  While much has been made of the fact that the trays are removable, the trays have to be worn to be effective. 

Do you think you might benefit from Invisalign braces? Find out by setting up a consultation at One Smile Oral Care dental clinic today.  Our dental practitioners are happy to discuss your orthodontic goals and will help you find the most suitable treatment method.

Neglect to care for braces may impair orthodontic treatment results

For many patients on orthodontic treatment plans, repositioning of teeth may seem like an agonisingly slow process at the best of times.  It is only to be expected that patients want to achieve their aesthetically aligned smiles as soon as they begin the teeth correcting process.  As frustrating as it is, teeth work to their own schedule, and the only thing a patient can do to help the process along is to ensure that they take proper care of their Braces in Kings Hill as directed by the supervising dental practitioner.


We have found that often it is damaged or broken orthodontic devices in need of repair or replacement that have the potential to delay the outcomes of treatments.  This is why we cannot emphasize enough the urgency of contacting our dental clinic should a patient encounter a problem with their Braces in Kings Hill.

The orthodontics market continues to provide patients with devices utilizing new technologies and durable materials to ensure they are as effective as they are strong. With this being said, patients are still required to handle their devices with care, and refrain from eating foods and behaviours that increase the risk of them being damaged.  It is not unusual for the metal wires and brackets in traditional Braces in Kings Hill to bend or break due to eating hard food substances like crunchy vegetables and nuts, or plastic aligner trays from cracking when removing or inserting them incorrectly.

 3 Reasons why braces are not working as they should

 1.        Severe discomfort in the mouth

In repositioning teeth there is bound to be an initial period of adjustment.  It will feel strange to have a foreign object placed onto one’s teeth.  The time frame varies but once this period passes, a patient should not experience pain unless there is a problem.  A wire may have become dislodged, or a bracket broken.  In the case plastic aligners, the tray may be misshapen.

 2.        Neglecting oral health

It may not occur to patients that neglecting to brush and floss in between teeth may have an adverse impact on the results of their orthodontic treatments.  The build-up of plaque threatens the integrity of the gums and gum disease is a common cause of tooth loss. Healthy teeth and gums are critical to ensure the teeth-correcting process is working, and remains so after the braces come off.

 3.        Failure to disclose problems with the dentist

It is often the case that patients will withhold pertinent information from their dentist out of fear of being reprimanded.  They may not be dishonest about how many hours in a day they actually wear their Invisalign aligners.  A dental practitioner can only help a patient find ways to overcome their orthodontic challenges if they are aware of all the problems a patient faces.

For the average patient, orthodontic treatments can take as many as eighteen months before results are seen.  Being patient is just as important as being vigilant about braces care.  Always address any questions or concerns with our dental practitioners.  At One Smile Oral Care dental clinic we are committed to providing our patients with the highest standards of dental care. Give us a call to arrange a consultation for braces treatments or to replace a dental device.

Dentist offers dental care tips for every phase of life

Many of our patients are already familiar with the basic essentials required to maintain good dental health including daily brushing and flossing, limiting excessive consumption of sugar and fizzy drinks, and seeing a dentist in Kings Hill for routine check-ups and professional teeth cleaning.  In addition to all of the above, there are a few extra dental care responsibilities that apply particularly to each phase of a patient’s life.


It is only natural for one’s oral healthcare needs to change over the course of a lifetime. In the same way that a teenager’s skin care needs will differ from those of an adult, so too will the approach to dental care be different as teeth and gums age.  Our professional dentist in Kings Hill is suitably qualified to provide quality dental care for patients across the age spectrum.

Oral care guidance for every phase

  •  Baby teeth

Baby teeth are present when a baby is born although these are not yet visible above the gum line.  For parents, it would be a good idea to implement some sort of oral hygiene practice as early as possible.  For example, the gums and teeth, once they have emerged, can be washed gently with a wet cloth.  Other recommendations include discouraging thumb sucking, and ensuring the baby does not fall asleep with the teat in the mouth.

  •  Childhood

The most opportune time to inculcate good oral care habits is in childhood.  Once a child has learned how to look after their teeth, there is a greater likelihood that he or she will carry these good habits into adulthood.  If a child is involved in sporting activities, it is recommended that they wear a mouth guard to protect their teeth from damage, or being knocked out due to an accident or fall.

This is also a favourable phase to have a dentist in Kings Hill examine a child’s mouth to determine whether teeth and gums are developing as they should, or if orthodontic treatment is necessary.  Proper nutrition is critical in childhood, not only for optimal physical and mental development, but also to prevent tooth decay, which is a dental condition prevalent in children due to the frequency of consuming sugary treats.

  •  Adulthood

Unlike baby teeth that fall out and are replaced by a permanent set, adult teeth are meant to provide a lifetime of service.  Once they decay and fall out, they do not grow back again.  This fact heightens the importance of looking after one’s natural teeth in adulthood, making oral care a priority.

Dental conditions including gum disease in adulthood are exacerbated by bad habits such as poor diet, poor oral hygiene, stress, and smoking.  Teeth may also become discoloured by consuming teeth-staining drinks like coffee and red wine, and will need to be professionally whitened by a dentist.

  •  Elderly

There is more of a possibility that a patient will face health complications in their old age. Patients may also have missing teeth, and any gaps in the dental arches will have implications for the patient’s psychological and physical health.  Inability to eat certain foods may mean there are nutritional deficiencies, and self-esteem can take a knock.

To ensure they keep their natural teeth for longer, the elderly should take greater care of their gums, undergo screening for oral cancer, seek treatment for dry mouth, and as a general rule, manage any medical conditions as directed by their doctor. To arrange for a dental check-up or for any other dental treatment, call us at One Smile Oral Care for an appointment.

How cosmetic dentistry in kings hill can restore a damaged smile

Cosmetic dental work can be used for more than just aesthetically improving your smile, it can also be used to help restore teeth that have been damaged by poor oral care, accident and injury or lost to disease and infection.


Your options for cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill are numerous and there are a range of oral health issues that can be fixed with a little makeover. Here are just a few treatments that our team could provide you with to help restore a damaged smile.


One of the most common causes for seeking cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill is for help in covering up cracks and chips to the protective enamel layer of the teeth. In these cases your dentist would use veneers, which are small porcelain chips that are moulded to fit into gaps or over cracks and holes knocked into a tooth.

The process is relatively quick and these new covers are held in place with a harmless dental adhesive that’s then cured to solidify it and hold the veneers in their new homes.


Although not made from gold or jewels as the name might suggest, this procedure is similar in concept to veneers in that your dentist will place a ceramic prosthetic covering over the top of a tooth. This is normally used as a way to seal over the sensitive insides and root that may have been or could become compromised either from cavities or an infection.

Dental Implants

Another fairly common treatment, dental implants are small prosthetic teeth that your dentist would insert underneath your gum line and into the bone of your jaw. The purpose of this is to try and replace a missing tooth that’s damaged or compromised in some way or as an option for filling in gaps to strengthen the surrounding teeth.

The implant is held in place with a sterilised metal screw that’s attached to your jawbone through minor surgery, then as you heal this bone should reform around the new tooth to provide it with a strong and stable foundation to rest on.

At One Smile Oral Care our team will carefully shape and shade your new implant to ensure that it provides a sturdy yet natural looking replacement to the tooth you lost whilst giving you that healthy, whole smile.


Although more common in older patients or those with a poor oral health routine, fillings can be used to cosmetically enhance a tooth. Although the silver or metallic versions are more well known, your dentist might use white fillings, which are a mixture of silicone plastic and glass, to easily quickly cover and fill a tooth that’s at risk.

In summary, these are just a few of the various treatments that are available at the practice to help repair your smile and give you that strong and healthy looking grin you deserve. For further information on how we can help fix your toothy troubles, just get in touch with our team at the practice for a chat about some of the services we can provide.

Cleaning advice for patients of invisalign in kings hill

One of the trickiest parts of a realignment with a set of braces is in keeping them clean and bacteria free as your teeth are slowly straightened out into a nice neat smile.


To make maintaining your braces a little easier, here are a few pieces of advice for those with invisalign in Kings Hill that may be struggling with keeping their clear aligners clean.

Lightly brush it once every second day

The first and most important tip we can provide you with is to just brush the braces often. Ideally you should aim for at least once every second day to ensure that any plaque, tartar and bacteria that could be building up on the brace is thoroughly scrubbed off.

To keep the plastic covering sterile we recommend that you mix a miniscule amount of bleach into a cup of water then lightly brush this solution into the surface of your clear aligners. Make sure to keep your brush strokes small and gentle as pressing too hard can lead to the bristles thinning out the plastic coating over time.

At One Smile Oral Care our team of experienced dental technicians will be able to provide you a wealth of information on how you can take better care of your braces and how to keep them clean easily with your toothbrush.

Rinse whenever it’s removed

Another top tip for patients of invisalign in Kings Hill is to give the mouth guard a brisk rinse under some cold water whenever it’s taken out. Although you should be wearing a brace for at least 22 hours a day as instructed to by your dentist, you are still allowed to pop it out briefly now and then.

This can be for the likes of cleaning your teeth, eating meals, taking a break from wearing it all day or performing maintenance on it. Each and every time it’s take out you should be rinsing it as this will clear off any dried in saliva or leftover plaque that could become sites for bacteria growing.

Don’t soak it overnight

Leaving your brace overnight in a glass of listerine or another cleaning solution may seem like a good way to keep it clean, but this can actually damage your braces. This is because the chemicals in some cleaning solutions can damage the plastic covering as it eats away or things the material over time.

If you have to soak it, do it only for a few minutes and in cold water to make sure the brace is unharmed.

 Keep it in a safe container

Every time you take your braces out to clean them you should make sure that they are stored in a safe place. Putting them in your pocket or on your nightstand allows bacteria to come into contact with them, so it’s strongly recommended that you store them in a hard bodied container. Doing this keeps them safe from accidental damage and safe from contact with surfaces contaminated with bacteria and germs.

Just a few of these small changes to your cleaning routine should be enough to keep your braces looking crisp, clear and healthy as your smiles straightened out. For more cleaning tips on how you can keep your braces spotless, just pop by the practice for a chat with our team.