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What are the most popular treatments in cosmetic dentistry?

Missing teeth in children and adult patients are experienced very differently. While the former may embrace the falling out of a tooth with joy and excitement (at the thought of a visit from the tooth fairy), the latter may find the discovery fills them with horror. Dental concerns such as cracked or chipped teeth are the other typical situations that place oral health at risk – consider for a moment how vulnerable the sensitive inner core of a tooth’s structure is to bacteria and germs that can enter through these cracks in enamel.

Fortunately, adults needing to have lost teeth replaced, or address aesthetic concerns about their teeth, can rely on Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings Hill to secure improved oral health and brighter smiles.

At One Smile Oral Care dental clinic our highly capable dental professionals have performed a myriad of dental procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings Hill. Here’s a look at three of the most popular procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings Hill.

3 Cosmetic dental procedures

  • Dental implants

    Dental implants are the most favoured option to replace missing teeth. Look at the numerous benefits of this procedure and it is easy to see why. It is only natural for patients to prefer a treatment that offers as natural a look as possible, has an incredible success rate, and protects the integrity of the dental arch and jawbone density.

    What patients should know about dental implants:

    A surgical procedure is required to place a metallic rod, that plays the role of an anchor like that of a tooth’s root, into the jawbone.

    A prosthetic tooth (usually a crown) is attached to the metallic rod.

    The same scrupulous oral care regimen required for natural teeth is used to ensure the longevity of a dental implant.

    Dental implants look just like natural teeth and no-one else will be able to discern that they are artificial.
  • Crowns

    A dental crown is placed over the part of the tooth that can be seen above the gum line. This approach to improving the appearance of teeth offers an additional benefit of adding a protective layer to block against infections progressing to the deeper layers of teeth.
    What patients should know about crowns:

    A dentist will have to prepare a tooth before a crown can be used. This may mean a tooth may have to be reduced in size in order for the crown to fit properly.

    Patients can consider having the colour of a crown matched to that of existing teeth for a seamless look.
  • Veneers

    Veneers are wafer thin coverings made out of porcelain, or composite materials, that are installed over a single tooth. The treatment is often used to address issues such as chips or cracks in teeth as well as discolouration. Veneers can also be used to reduce gaps between teeth.

    What patients should know about veneers:

    Like dental crowns, a dentist will have to first prepare a tooth for the shell-like covering.

    The dentist will then apply an adhesive to bond the veneer to the tooth.

    If you need to have missing teeth replaced, or have been considering cosmetic dentistry to improve the look of your smile, then give us a call at One Smile Oral Care dental clinic to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dentists.

What to know about the Invisalign teeth-straightening treatment process

Adult patients have embraced the idea of straightening their teeth with Invisalign in Kings Hill.  This is because the concept of removable plastic aligner trays addresses many of the challenges presented by traditional orthodontic devices.


Invisalign in Kings Hill offers patients a dental device that is nearly invisible.  More often than not, one cannot tell that a person is wearing the clear plastic trays.  This is of particular importance for young professionals who are in client-facing roles at work.

The trays can be removed by the patient when needed, which means that a patient has no restrictions on what they can or cannot eat.  In addition to this, keeping up with oral hygiene is less time-consuming and less complicated.

The process of Invisalign in Kings Hill begins with a consultation at our One Smile Oral Care. The appointment is necessary for our experienced dental practitioner to conduct a thorough assessment to determine patient suitability to receive treatment.  Like many of the orthodontic approaches available, the first thing that needs to be determined is oral health. Poor oral health will only compromise the teeth-straightening process, and no responsible dentist will initiate orthodontic treatment without evidence of strong healthy teeth and gums.

 An overview of the consultation appointment

One of the first objectives of the consultation process is to gather a complete profile of the patient.  We require our patients to answer all questions with complete honesty, especially in regards to overall general, and dental, health.  Underlying medical conditions like diabetes should be disclosed. Our dental practitioner will also want to discuss goals, and the reasons why a patient wants to undergo Invisalign treatment.

To get a full picture of the shape of a patient’s mouth, impressions will need to be taken. These images will be used to design a treatment plan, this includes the number of trays that will be required, and the duration of treatment.  This will be passed on to the lab technician who will be responsible for custom-creating the aligners. Dental impressions have moved on from the old days of messy moulds, which have been replaced by more efficient digital technologies that are more accurate.

 What Invisalign aligners are made of

Invisalign aligners are purposefully-designed medical-grade BPA-free clear plastic trays. Each set of trays work to gradually shift teeth into the required position.  As there are no metal parts to the device, patients enjoy relatively more comfort than other types of braces.

To ensure that the trays are doing the job they are meant to do, it is imperative that they are inserted onto teeth for a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours each day.  While much has been made of the fact that the trays are removable, the trays have to be worn to be effective. 

Do you think you might benefit from Invisalign braces? Find out by setting up a consultation at One Smile Oral Care dental clinic today.  Our dental practitioners are happy to discuss your orthodontic goals and will help you find the most suitable treatment method.

How cosmetic dentistry in kings hill can restore a damaged smile

Cosmetic dental work can be used for more than just aesthetically improving your smile, it can also be used to help restore teeth that have been damaged by poor oral care, accident and injury or lost to disease and infection.


Your options for cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill are numerous and there are a range of oral health issues that can be fixed with a little makeover. Here are just a few treatments that our team could provide you with to help restore a damaged smile.


One of the most common causes for seeking cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill is for help in covering up cracks and chips to the protective enamel layer of the teeth. In these cases your dentist would use veneers, which are small porcelain chips that are moulded to fit into gaps or over cracks and holes knocked into a tooth.

The process is relatively quick and these new covers are held in place with a harmless dental adhesive that’s then cured to solidify it and hold the veneers in their new homes.


Although not made from gold or jewels as the name might suggest, this procedure is similar in concept to veneers in that your dentist will place a ceramic prosthetic covering over the top of a tooth. This is normally used as a way to seal over the sensitive insides and root that may have been or could become compromised either from cavities or an infection.

Dental Implants

Another fairly common treatment, dental implants are small prosthetic teeth that your dentist would insert underneath your gum line and into the bone of your jaw. The purpose of this is to try and replace a missing tooth that’s damaged or compromised in some way or as an option for filling in gaps to strengthen the surrounding teeth.

The implant is held in place with a sterilised metal screw that’s attached to your jawbone through minor surgery, then as you heal this bone should reform around the new tooth to provide it with a strong and stable foundation to rest on.

At One Smile Oral Care our team will carefully shape and shade your new implant to ensure that it provides a sturdy yet natural looking replacement to the tooth you lost whilst giving you that healthy, whole smile.


Although more common in older patients or those with a poor oral health routine, fillings can be used to cosmetically enhance a tooth. Although the silver or metallic versions are more well known, your dentist might use white fillings, which are a mixture of silicone plastic and glass, to easily quickly cover and fill a tooth that’s at risk.

In summary, these are just a few of the various treatments that are available at the practice to help repair your smile and give you that strong and healthy looking grin you deserve. For further information on how we can help fix your toothy troubles, just get in touch with our team at the practice for a chat about some of the services we can provide.

Cleaning advice for patients of invisalign in kings hill

One of the trickiest parts of a realignment with a set of braces is in keeping them clean and bacteria free as your teeth are slowly straightened out into a nice neat smile.


To make maintaining your braces a little easier, here are a few pieces of advice for those with invisalign in Kings Hill that may be struggling with keeping their clear aligners clean.

Lightly brush it once every second day

The first and most important tip we can provide you with is to just brush the braces often. Ideally you should aim for at least once every second day to ensure that any plaque, tartar and bacteria that could be building up on the brace is thoroughly scrubbed off.

To keep the plastic covering sterile we recommend that you mix a miniscule amount of bleach into a cup of water then lightly brush this solution into the surface of your clear aligners. Make sure to keep your brush strokes small and gentle as pressing too hard can lead to the bristles thinning out the plastic coating over time.

At One Smile Oral Care our team of experienced dental technicians will be able to provide you a wealth of information on how you can take better care of your braces and how to keep them clean easily with your toothbrush.

Rinse whenever it’s removed

Another top tip for patients of invisalign in Kings Hill is to give the mouth guard a brisk rinse under some cold water whenever it’s taken out. Although you should be wearing a brace for at least 22 hours a day as instructed to by your dentist, you are still allowed to pop it out briefly now and then.

This can be for the likes of cleaning your teeth, eating meals, taking a break from wearing it all day or performing maintenance on it. Each and every time it’s take out you should be rinsing it as this will clear off any dried in saliva or leftover plaque that could become sites for bacteria growing.

Don’t soak it overnight

Leaving your brace overnight in a glass of listerine or another cleaning solution may seem like a good way to keep it clean, but this can actually damage your braces. This is because the chemicals in some cleaning solutions can damage the plastic covering as it eats away or things the material over time.

If you have to soak it, do it only for a few minutes and in cold water to make sure the brace is unharmed.

 Keep it in a safe container

Every time you take your braces out to clean them you should make sure that they are stored in a safe place. Putting them in your pocket or on your nightstand allows bacteria to come into contact with them, so it’s strongly recommended that you store them in a hard bodied container. Doing this keeps them safe from accidental damage and safe from contact with surfaces contaminated with bacteria and germs.

Just a few of these small changes to your cleaning routine should be enough to keep your braces looking crisp, clear and healthy as your smiles straightened out. For more cleaning tips on how you can keep your braces spotless, just pop by the practice for a chat with our team.

How to tell if you need braces in kings hill

A dental brace may seem like something primarily aimed at younger patients, but there are numerous benefits to wearing a set as an adult as it can help correct a number of oral health issues.


Unfortunately some patients can still miss out on the potential benefits of this particular treatment. So here are a few indications that you should consider coming in for a set of braces in Kings Hill.

Out of line or misaligned teeth

The most common causes for a recommendation for braces in Kings Hill is if there any crooked looking teeth in your smile. This very simple sign can often go ignored by patients as they don’t always see it on a day to day basis, especially if it’s in areas hidden by your mouth.

Over time those with a misaligned molar or crooked canine could find themselves at a higher risk of developing cavities or showing signs of gum disease as these out of line teeth can be more prone to infection. On that subject.

Signs of a recurring infection

If you’re experiencing regular infections or inflammation of your gums then you could potentially benefit from a brace depending on your case. This is because in a misaligned set of teeth plaque, tartar and bacteria can build up easier in those hard to reach spots that you might naturally miss as you brush.

Then over time this lack of cleaning can lead to gum disease, cavities and all sorts of infections setting in that could put your teeth, gums and even the bone of your jaw at risk. Straightening out your teeth with a brace will make these tricky spots easier to reach into and clean with your brush, which over time should hopefully lower your chances of a future infection rearing its head.

At One Smile Oral Care our highly trained team of expert dentists will be able to diagnose and treat any infection whilst providing you with a wealth of information on how you can further improve the health of your teeth and gums.

Eating problems

Problems chewing your food could, in some cases, be eased off with the application of a corrective brace. This is because in some situations the teeth may be misaligned in a particular way that your overall bite is affected.

This could lead to difficulty chewing your meals and as your food isn’t broken down properly it might also lead to recurring feelings of indigestion or heartburn.

Subtle speech impediments

Although it may sound odd, if you’re experiencing any issues with your speech such as slurring and lisping around certain phrases or if there’s a noticeable whistling sound, then a brace could lessen these symptoms. This is managed by realigning the crooked teeth that may be causing difficulty for your tongue and mouth as they try to shape out and sound certain words or phrases.

In summary, these are just a few of the various situations in which a brace could improve your oral health. For further information about the benefits of braces and how they could help you as an adult, then just get in touch with our team at the practice for a chat about our brace treatments.

How a dentist in kings hill can help in an emergency

A dental emergency can happen to anyone and the most common type of problem our dentists may face at short notice is for repairing damage to the teeth caused by an accident or sporting injury. However, immediate care can also qualify for things such as a persistent or sharp pain in the teeth and gums that doesn’t subside with painkillers, bleeding as well as signs of infection or disease that might pose an immediate risk to your other teeth.


There are numerous things our team can help out with and we’ve shortlisted just a few of the more general pieces of aid that an emergency dentist in Kings Hill could provide.

Provide temporary repairs

As mentioned at the beginning, one of the most common causes for contacting our emergency dentist in Kings Hill is for repairs brought on by damage. This could be in the form of covering chips and cracks in the protective enamel layer with veneers, replacing a damaged filling or crown and even in some cases reinserting a tooth that was knocked out. Although in those situations it depends on a number of factors such as the quality of the recovered tooth, how it was knocked out and what the damage to the gums is like after the original trauma.

These repairs are then improved upon by your regular practitioner at a later date.

Diagnose and treat ongoing symptoms

 Another way in which our emergency team could help you out is by providing a diagnosis and treatment of any ongoing symptoms you may have. This can be things like providing antibiotics to help fight infections as well as determining and then treating the source of a persistent toothache or other causes of oral discomfort.

At One Smile Oral Care our highly trained team will be able to quickly diagnose and treat any ongoing symptoms of dental discomfort you may have to get you on the road to a healthy smile.

 Provide referrals if required

In some cases our emergency team are also able to provide referrals to providers of specific techniques or treatments that might be better suited to treating your current source of tooth troubles. They may even contact your GP to work in tandem with them to provide a suitable course of care for your particular case.

 Replace or repair damaged orthodontics

Although it may seem surprising, our emergency practitioners can also repair or replace damaged orthodontics.

For example, if you were to encounter issues with the wiring or brackets in braces or if a set of dentures were lost or damaged, our team would be able to repair or potentially provide you with a suitable replacement. These can then be tweaked and further fixed by your usual team member that you see on a regular basis for your appointments.

In closing, these are just a few examples of how one of our emergency dentists could help you out in a pinch. If you’re experiencing any issues with your teeth and gums that required immediate assistance then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team as soon as you can.

Curious about cosmetic dentistry? The health benefits of having dental cosmetic work completed

Deciding to undertake cosmetic dental work is an exciting big step.

If you have been unhappy about your smile for a long time, it can feel like a blessing; the internet is full of ‘before’ and ‘after’ images of people who have had cosmetic based dental work and the results are visually astounding.

cosmetic-dentistry-benefitsBut were you aware that there are many other benefits to having cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill?

At One Smile Oral Care, many of our patients who have undertaken cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill have been surprised at how their health has improved once their cosmetic work has been completed. Of course, their self-esteem and confidence benefits, but there are unexpected health advantages too!

So, what are the unexpected health benefits of cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill?

Better digestion

It is easy to overlook the role teeth play in digestion.

As we chew our food, it is being broken down for the next stage of digestion. If we have missing teeth, a misaligned bite or protruding teeth, it can be hard to grind food correctly, so once it hits our stomachs, it is harder to digest, causing issues like heartburn, acid reflux and poor absorption.

There are many cosmetic procedures that can help improve digestion; dental implants can help improve the grinding down of food while more long term solutions, like invisible braces can help correct any misalignments or protrusions.

Less headaches

When your teeth are misaligned, you are at a higher risk of bruxism or grinding, a condition that typically involves rubbing teeth together while asleep.

This can cause neck pain, jaw pain, headaches and even make more serious conditions, like migraines, worse.

Implants and invisible braces can help stop nocturnal grinding by filing in any gaps and correcting any misalignments.

No more sensitivity

Nobody likes having sensitive teeth; regardless of the weather, they can turn that ice cream into a real headache and put a damper on that trip to a coffee shop with friends.

Dental veneers not only improve the appearance of your smile, but they also protect against causes of sensitivity; as most dental sensitivity is due to microscopic holes in the enamel, veneers sit over the top and are sealed in place with dental cement. This seals the holes across the surface and gives you a whiter smile at the same time!

Improved overall health

Anyone who has ever had a toothache will tell you about how it impacted on their overall health.

When teeth are misaligned, they are harder to clean effectively, leading to a higher chance of both tooth decay and gum disease.

Cosmetic procedures, like braces and veneers, will straighten your smile, making it easier to clean your teeth, minimising the likelihood of tooth decay.

Also, when you look good post procedure, you will probably improve your oral hygiene routine to keep your self-esteem sparkling and so, there is more to gain from cosmetic dental procedures than just a pretty smile!

Do you want to undertake Invisalign treatment? The most common myths about this treatment debunked

Cosmetic dentistry has soared in popularity over the last decade, which has led to an increase in the use of the much sought after invisible brace.

Once reserved for those with large bank balances, the use of invisible braces has trickled down into more dental practices, making it easier for anyone to straighten their teeth without drawing unwanted stares from strangers.

invisalign-treatments-kings-hillAt One Smile Oral Care, we are proud to be able to offer our patients Invisalign in Kings Hill. Our specially trained team of dentists will guide you through each stage of the process and after a short time, your smile will be worthy of the Hollywood elite!

However, the rise in popularity of invisible aligners has led to many myths surrounding this treatment, which, if listened to, could have a detrimental effect on your oral health.

What are the myths and the truths behind Invisalign in Kings Hill? Read on to find out!

’I can get invisible braces online that will work just as well’

Like most popular products, professionally fitted invisible aligners have their share of internet copies!

The reality is that while it may be tempting to buy invisible braces online due to a lower price,  you need to meet with a professionally trained dentist in order for this treatment to work correctly. Purchasing invisible aligners off the internet rarely ends well for patients and can lead to further complications.

’They are too expensive!’

At One Smile Oral Care, we know money doesn’t grow on trees and we know that anticipated costs deter many from pursuing cosmetic dental work.

When you come to us for treatment with Invisalign in Kings Hill, you may be eligible for our 0% finance option, to help you spread the cost of treatment into affordable monthly payments.

’They won’t help with my teeth!’

Many people assume that their teeth are too bad for treatment with invisible braces. However, there are many dental conditions that can be treated using invisible aligners, often faster than you think too!

Visit one of our specially trained dentists at One Smile Oral Care and let us assess your suitability for treatment; you may be pleasantly surprised.

’I’m too old for braces’

This is a common dental myth, that prevents older individuals from achieving a straighter smile.

While there is a benefit to undertaking any kind of orthodontic treatment at a younger age, many people over the age of twenty-one benefit from realignment using invisible braces each year and the success rate is still extremely high.

If you are unsure about your age being a factor, contact a member of our dental team at One Smile Oral Care.

’I heard any dentist can make invisible braces- why should I pay more for a specialist?’

To be qualified to work with the software and techniques surrounding invisible braces, a dentist has to undertake additional training.

Would you trust a GP to conduct complex surgery? Probably not! Don’t trust an untrained dentist with invisible braces!

Do you need braces as an adult? The top 5 advantages of orthodontics later in life

It is rare to find someone who is thoroughly looking forward to wearing a fixed aligner for the next 24 months; for young children, that’s a long time! Similarly, teenagers are less than enthusiastic about orthodontics as well, but can usually be persuaded by knowing that there are long term benefits to wearing a fitted aligner.

kings-hill-adult-bracesInterestingly, in the UK, more and more adults are seeking orthodontic work to boost both their confidence and improve their oral hygiene.

At One Smile Oral Care, we actively encourage adult patients to come to us for braces in Kings Hill and can offer a wide range of treatments for all types of dental misalignments. Regardless of your age, we want to help you feel confident in your smile and our team of orthodontists will provide you with the highest level of care.

There are many advantages of undertaking orthodontic work as an adult and when you come to One Smile Oral Care for your braces in Kings Hill, we are positive that you will be happy with your new smile in the long term.

Improved speech

The way you talk is influenced by so much more than just your voice box.

As a child, it is unlikely that you had to manage a board meeting or give a lecture but as an adult, these may be part of your daily life. Speech and pronunciation is impacted by the position of teeth in the mouth and so, as you undertake braces in Kings Hill, you may notice that your speech, inflection and pronunciation improves.

Better hygiene

Statistically, if you have crooked teeth, you are more likely to suffer from tooth decay and periodontal disease; this is because it is harder to clean your teeth correctly.

As your teeth become straighter, you will find it easier to clean your teeth and as a result, your oral hygiene will improve dramatically.

Correct jaw discomfort

Do you wake up in the morning with a sore jaw and a headache?

Misaligned teeth can cause nocturnal bruxism which, in turn, causes inflammation to the jaw muscles and creates headaches, neck pain and stiff shoulders, not what you want from a night’s sleep.

Orthodontic work will correct any bruxism or grinding, and will allow you to sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed, with a straighter smile too!

Stops harmful habits

Interesting, but rarely spoken about side-effects of having crooked teeth are the habits that can form around the condition.

Though more common in children, adults with misaligned teeth are more prone to chewing pencils, sucking their thumbs or biting their lips, to minimise the pressure caused by ill-positioned teeth.

Once you aligner is off, these unusual habits should disappear due to this pressure being alleviated.

Improves digestion

Our teeth are the first part of our digestive tract and so, if they are misaligned, food cannot be ground up properly for digestion.

Wearing a fitted aligner helps correct the grinding of food and eliminates digestive issues like bloating and acid reflux caused by dental misalignments.

Looking for a new dentist? Come to One Smile Oral Care for the best dental experience

Do you assume all dental surgeries are the same? Think again!

With advances in modern dental technology changing the options available, many dental surgeries are leaps and bounds ahead of others and can offer patients the latest procedures with the most up-to-date technologies available. If you are looking for something more than a regular dental check-up every six months come and visit our dentist in Kings Hill, One Smile Oral Care, to see what we have to offer you.

kings-hill-dentistAt One Smile Oral Care, we have invested in the most modern technologies to ensure that all of our patients receive the highest level of care, and leave our surgery with the best results possible. From routine dental work to cosmetic options, when you visit our dentist in Kings Hill, you can be sure to receive the highest standard of care from our professional dental team, guaranteed to make your visit a pleasurable one.

What options can our dentist in Kings Hill offer you? Read on to find out!

Cosmetic dentistry

Of course, the most sought after dental procedures in the UK at the moment are cosmetic dental procedures. At One Smile Oral Care, we can offer you a wide range of cosmetic dentistry; whitening, veneers, Invisalign braces and even dental implants!

Unsure about which type of cosmetic dentistry is right for you? Not to worry; our experienced team of dentists will advise you on which procedures will give you the best aesthetically pleasing appearance, meaning all you have to worry about is smiling!


Not too long ago, metal fillings were the norm and were used to excess, creating an unsightly appearance.

Our dentists can offer you white porcelain or composite fillings, which will both restore your tooth and blend in seamlessly. We also offer porcelain coloured crowns for more advanced cases of restorative dentistry and, if there is damage on one part of the tooth, we can offer you onlays and inlays to restore function, without drawing attention.


Unhappy with your smile?

At One Smile Oral Care, we are exceedingly proud of our orthodontic team, and are able to offer different types of braces and aligners depending on your unique clinical presentation.

Everything from traditional metal braces, to clear and invisible aligners, our team will assess your suitability and fit the most appropriate brace for you.

Pedodontist visits

Few dental surgeries have specialist pedodontists available (child dentists) but if you have specific concerns relating to your child’s smile, we can help.

We can offer your child the highest level of care and provide them with preventive treatments, like fluoride sealants and orthodontic options to give them a gorgeous smile.

Facial cosmetics

A dentist providing minor cosmetic surgery?

If you are worried that your face doesn’t match your dazzling new smile, we can help!

At One Smile Oral Care, we are happy to be able to offer you minor facial aesthetics options, including both dermal fillers and Botox, to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and create a younger look.