What to know about the Invisalign teeth-straightening treatment process

Adult patients have embraced the idea of straightening their teeth with Invisalign in Kings Hill.  This is because the concept of removable plastic aligner trays addresses many of the challenges presented by traditional orthodontic devices.


Invisalign in Kings Hill offers patients a dental device that is nearly invisible.  More often than not, one cannot tell that a person is wearing the clear plastic trays.  This is of particular importance for young professionals who are in client-facing roles at work.

The trays can be removed by the patient when needed, which means that a patient has no restrictions on what they can or cannot eat.  In addition to this, keeping up with oral hygiene is less time-consuming and less complicated.

The process of Invisalign in Kings Hill begins with a consultation at our One Smile Oral Care. The appointment is necessary for our experienced dental practitioner to conduct a thorough assessment to determine patient suitability to receive treatment.  Like many of the orthodontic approaches available, the first thing that needs to be determined is oral health. Poor oral health will only compromise the teeth-straightening process, and no responsible dentist will initiate orthodontic treatment without evidence of strong healthy teeth and gums.

 An overview of the consultation appointment

One of the first objectives of the consultation process is to gather a complete profile of the patient.  We require our patients to answer all questions with complete honesty, especially in regards to overall general, and dental, health.  Underlying medical conditions like diabetes should be disclosed. Our dental practitioner will also want to discuss goals, and the reasons why a patient wants to undergo Invisalign treatment.

To get a full picture of the shape of a patient’s mouth, impressions will need to be taken. These images will be used to design a treatment plan, this includes the number of trays that will be required, and the duration of treatment.  This will be passed on to the lab technician who will be responsible for custom-creating the aligners. Dental impressions have moved on from the old days of messy moulds, which have been replaced by more efficient digital technologies that are more accurate.

 What Invisalign aligners are made of

Invisalign aligners are purposefully-designed medical-grade BPA-free clear plastic trays. Each set of trays work to gradually shift teeth into the required position.  As there are no metal parts to the device, patients enjoy relatively more comfort than other types of braces.

To ensure that the trays are doing the job they are meant to do, it is imperative that they are inserted onto teeth for a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours each day.  While much has been made of the fact that the trays are removable, the trays have to be worn to be effective. 

Do you think you might benefit from Invisalign braces? Find out by setting up a consultation at One Smile Oral Care dental clinic today.  Our dental practitioners are happy to discuss your orthodontic goals and will help you find the most suitable treatment method.