Neglect to care for braces may impair orthodontic treatment results

For many patients on orthodontic treatment plans, repositioning of teeth may seem like an agonisingly slow process at the best of times.  It is only to be expected that patients want to achieve their aesthetically aligned smiles as soon as they begin the teeth correcting process.  As frustrating as it is, teeth work to their own schedule, and the only thing a patient can do to help the process along is to ensure that they take proper care of their Braces in Kings Hill as directed by the supervising dental practitioner.


We have found that often it is damaged or broken orthodontic devices in need of repair or replacement that have the potential to delay the outcomes of treatments.  This is why we cannot emphasize enough the urgency of contacting our dental clinic should a patient encounter a problem with their Braces in Kings Hill.

The orthodontics market continues to provide patients with devices utilizing new technologies and durable materials to ensure they are as effective as they are strong. With this being said, patients are still required to handle their devices with care, and refrain from eating foods and behaviours that increase the risk of them being damaged.  It is not unusual for the metal wires and brackets in traditional Braces in Kings Hill to bend or break due to eating hard food substances like crunchy vegetables and nuts, or plastic aligner trays from cracking when removing or inserting them incorrectly.

 3 Reasons why braces are not working as they should

 1.        Severe discomfort in the mouth

In repositioning teeth there is bound to be an initial period of adjustment.  It will feel strange to have a foreign object placed onto one’s teeth.  The time frame varies but once this period passes, a patient should not experience pain unless there is a problem.  A wire may have become dislodged, or a bracket broken.  In the case plastic aligners, the tray may be misshapen.

 2.        Neglecting oral health

It may not occur to patients that neglecting to brush and floss in between teeth may have an adverse impact on the results of their orthodontic treatments.  The build-up of plaque threatens the integrity of the gums and gum disease is a common cause of tooth loss. Healthy teeth and gums are critical to ensure the teeth-correcting process is working, and remains so after the braces come off.

 3.        Failure to disclose problems with the dentist

It is often the case that patients will withhold pertinent information from their dentist out of fear of being reprimanded.  They may not be dishonest about how many hours in a day they actually wear their Invisalign aligners.  A dental practitioner can only help a patient find ways to overcome their orthodontic challenges if they are aware of all the problems a patient faces.

For the average patient, orthodontic treatments can take as many as eighteen months before results are seen.  Being patient is just as important as being vigilant about braces care.  Always address any questions or concerns with our dental practitioners.  At One Smile Oral Care dental clinic we are committed to providing our patients with the highest standards of dental care. Give us a call to arrange a consultation for braces treatments or to replace a dental device.