Time to see your dentist in West Maling

There’s always so little time and so much to do, but if there’s one thing we’re certain of at One Smile Oral Care in West Malling, it’s that your oral health won’t wait!

Did you know that the sooner a dental problem is spotted, the less costly, and in some cases, less painful and time consuming it is to fix? This is why your dentist in West Malling will give you a full checkup during your first visit as a patient with us, to make sure that everything is well in your mouth and that any dental issues that are observed can get the immediate attention they deserve.

preventive-dentistryAt One Smile Oral Care in West Malling we are also passionate about preventive dentistry. For us this means taking every step possible to stop dental problems before they occur. If you have any nagging worries, pains or concerns, come and speak to our dentist in West Malling. We can help and advise you, allay your fears and give you the correct diagnosis for any dental-related issues.

So no matter how little time you have, you will always save time in the future, fixing problems that could have been prevented by seeing one of our dental team and nipping problems in the bud, ensuring long-lasting oral health and a confident smile! Why not pay us a visit?

What do I need to do to see a dentist in West Malling?

Paying us a visit is easy. You can come to our physical location, our dental practice, where our friendly reception team will receive you warmly and book you in for an initial check up with a dentist, or refer you to an appropriate treatment coordinator. You can also fill in a form on our website, call us, or email the practice: info@onesmileoralcare.co.uk to book an appointment or ask us a question about your smile or your oral health in general.

We are also committed to pain-free dentistry, meaning that no matter what treatment you choose, we can use the latest in pain-free dentistry to ensure the best chance of experiencing a pain-free visit to the dentist!

Where can I find a dentist who does Invisalign in West Malling?

We’re glad you asked! At One Smile Dental Care we offer a range of services to patients, general and cosmetic, which include the orthodontic treatment, Invisalign. West Malling has been home to One Smile Oral Care since Dr Ben Mortazavi opened the practice, after successfully running a practice in Snodland, Kent for many years. Dr Ben Mortazavi also trained in Germany and ran a very successful practice before opening several practices in Kent.

invisalign-in-West-MallingHow do braces work in general?

Dental braces, also known as orthodontic braces, use a constant and gentle pressure to realign teeth or move them into a better position within the mouth.  Braces therefore are working in your mouth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to gently re-shape your smile. The two parts of normal orthodontic braces are the brackets, the dedicated blocks that are affixed to the teeth (which can be metal or made from a tooth coloured material), and the arch wire which connects them, forming the part of the brace which connects everything together, giving the required pressure to straighten the teeth.

How are Invisalign braces different to traditional orthodontic braces?

There are a number of significant advantages which Invisalign braces have over traditional braces, both of which we offer at our practice, One Smile Dental Care, in West Malling. Invisalign treatments involve using clear-coloured aligners that are made from taking an impression of your mouth during your first Invisalign session with our Invisalign dentist. The impression is then used to create a set of clear aligners that are worn in the mouth like a comfortable, snug and tailored gum shield. They gradually realign the teeth without the need for wire metal orthodontic braces.

The major benefits of using the Invisalign clear braces system is that the aligners can be removed at any time for eating, cleaning, brushing and flossing, but still work in an effective way using the same principles of gentle force that are employed with traditional metal wire braces.

If you are interested to see how Invisalign could help you, why not pop into the practice or fill out a form on our website to find out more about how Invisalign could work for you!

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