It’s all about the braces in West Malling

Have you noticed how many people are wearing braces to have their teeth straightened these days? If you haven’t before, you will now that you have seen it mentioned, then again, perhaps you won’t. Every year 200,000 teenagers and young people start wearing braces which are often hard to miss as they are usually the classic train track type. What you may not have spotted is how many people of all ages that you meet every day are also wearing braces in West Malling.

Braces in West MallingThe reason that you may have not noticed is because the braces that they are wearing are designed to be virtually invisible. The British Orthodontic Society suggests that 75% of all adults would benefit from having their teeth straightened, and now more and more of us are doing just that. There is no doubt how good you feel when your teeth are looking their best. Unfortunately,  even if you have had other treatments to improve their appearance, if your teeth are crooked, crowded or protruding, your smile will not make you feel as positive and confident as you could be.

Braces: your secret to a better smile

All braces work on the same principle, applying pressure to the teeth to gradually move them into a better position over a period of time. Braces can be used in different ways. Depending on your age and your individual dental needs, there are a range of different options available. Because there have been so many advances in the designs and materials used to make braces, there really is an option that will suit everyone. For children, the process may take a year or two to complete, a small price to pay in the long run for a better smile. In the case of adults, some treatments can be completed in about six months.

Apart from the aesthetic benefits of having your teeth straightened, you will also be helping to ensure that your teeth are easily cared for, meaning that they stay beautiful and healthy for longer. Here at One Smile Oral Care in West Malling, braces are helping more of our patients of all ages to face the world with a confident smile.