A dentist’s guide to knowing your teeth and identifying threats to oral health

Despite the vital role our teeth and jaws have on our everyday functioning, we take our dental health for granted. We brush infrequently or adequately, eat sugar, drink too much coffee and alcohol and avoid the dentist in Kings Hill when we have an issue that, early on in its prognosis, is easily treatable. Yet, with the absence of a healthy mouth, our lives are restricted in various ways, eating and chewing become challenging, and we are more prone to an array of nasty periodontal diseases and infections.

Dentist in Kings HillThe best way to prevent severe issues down the line is to know your teeth. Care for them properly and make sure you contact us at the first signs of a problem.

Why is it so important to look after my teeth?

We all know that we need to brush and floss regularly, but why is it so important to keep our teeth clean?

The answer is simple: your mouth, like the rest of your body, is a breeding ground for bacteria, some of them good but others harmful. Your body’s natural defences, coupled with good hygiene practices, helps get rid of most of the bad ones. If you do not adhere to a rigorous cleaning routine, however, your mouth is ill-equipped to ward off bacteria on its own, which is when problems occur.

Is oral health as important as overall health?

Oral health is intrinsically linked to the body, because the health of your mouth can reveal your state of health in general.

Visiting the dentist in Kings Hill can save your life too –  early signs of mouth cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS can be first detected in your mouth by your dental practitioner and treated, controlled or managed accordingly.

At the same time, not maintaining your oral health can result in germs entering your bloodstream and spreading throughout your body. One example of this is Endocarditis – a condition that affects the inner lining of your heart.

Top tips to help you maintain good oral health

Brush correctly – this might seem obvious, but you would be surprised by the number of people who do not know the proper way of cleaning their teeth. Position your brush at a 45-degree angle and brush in a circular motion.

Use a soft bristled toothbrush – one that is too hard will aggravate sensitive gums and potentially cause them to bleed.  Do not clean your gums the way you do your teeth – brush using soft, gentle motions and tender massaging.

Replace your toothbrush every three to four months, and after you have been ill, to avoid recurring infections.

Fluoride toothpaste is more effective in preventing tooth decay than other toothpaste.  Speak to us if you are not sure that if you are using a correct toothpaste

What can I do today to improve teeth and well being?

While prevention is better than cure, you can make the following lifestyle changes:

  • Brush (with a fluoride toothpaste) and floss daily
  • Eat a healthy diet – cut out sugary sweets and drinks, limit your coffee and alcohol intake
  • Keep snacking to a minimum
  • Visit us every six months for a general check-up

With our experienced and highly qualified team, coupled with state of the art tools and technology, your teeth have never before been in such good hands! Visit a dentist in Kings Hill and find out for yourself.