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The Wand The Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA)

We are proud to use the first major technological advancement in a local anaesthetic syringe since it was invented nearly one hundred and fifty years ago. It represents a state-of-the-art method to consistently and comfortably administer local anaesthesia to your patients.

The Wand Plus has proven to be one of the most important and powerful additions to enhance our dental practice. It will have a significant and positive impact on the way in which we practice dentistry.

The Wand™ Plus can be used to administer all traditional local anaesthetic injections, including single tooth and block injections in either arch.

The on board microprocessor helps the dentist to deliver all injections in an effortless, consistent and virtually imperceptible manner. Patients who have experienced a Wand™ injection are amazed at how comfortable it can be. One study found that fear and anxiety levels associated with dental injections were dramatically reduced from just one Wand injection.

The core technology of The Wand™ Plus is the computer controlled delivery of anaesthetic solution at a constant flow rate, regardless of variations in tissue resistance.

Even in tissues of high density, such as the palate or periodontal ligament, The Wand™ Plus delivers an anaesthetic drip, which precedes the needle, creating an anaesthetic pathway.

This combination of an anaesthetic pathway and a controlled flow rate results in an effective and often pain-free injection.

The delicate tactile control made possible by the slim, pen grasp hand piece allows for an unprecedented level of visibility and fingertip accuracy. This disposable hand piece is linked to the anaesthetic cartridge via a feather-light plastic Micro Tubing. The Wand™ Plus outperforms all traditional syringes in precision, accuracy and comfort.

It is well established that more than 50% of adult patients fear injections and certain injections have traditionally been associated with a significant degree of discomfort. The Wand™ Plus not only offers our patients an alternative to the traditional syringe, but to traditional injection techniques as well.

This system helps the dentist to achieve profound pulpal anaesthesia often without the annoying side effects of facial numbness. This is accomplished through site-specific injections, which target the teeth instead of the lips, face and muscles of expression.


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