Children’s braces in West Malling

Early dental intervention for children can be essential for healthy tooth structure later in life. This is why check-ups are so important: as a parent you may not be able to notice if your child’s teeth are crowding, or if they have an overbite or underbite, but an experienced dentist certainly will.

At One Smile Oral Care, we treat many children for alignment issues every year and we urge parents to bring their little ones along with them when visiting the dental practice. Dental issues in children do not just compromise their oral health, but may also have an emotional impact. Unfortunately, kids can be bullied for the appearance of their teeth.

Braces in West MallingOur experienced dentist, Dr Yasmin George, can detect potential problems with tooth alignment from as early as age five, and early treatment with braces in West Malling can prevent complicated problems from developing in the future.

When is it the right time to visit the dentist?

If you are unhappy with the shape or position of your children’s teeth, you are advised to visit us at One Smile Oral Care as soon as possible. A free initial consultation is available and Dr George has treated many young patients with effective results. She will examine the teeth and the jaw of your child properly and she will determine the cause of the problem.

If the teeth are misaligned due to a bad habit (e.g. thumb sucking), unless the habit is addressed, moving the teeth to their correct position is a waste of time and money. Dr George can assess the problem and provide thumb and finger guard to prevent your little ones from thumb sucking.

If, on the other hand, your children’s teeth are simply out of position, they can be easily straightened with a retainer. Retainers are very effective because they gradually make space in the mouth, broaden the jaw and create space for all the teeth for a natural and healthy smile. If your children’s teeth continue to grow out of their regular alignment, we will recommend braces for fixing the problem permanently.

To learn more about children’s braces in West Malling or book an appointment with Dr George, contact us today.

Do you love your smile?

A beautiful smile can light up your face but crowded, overly spaced or misaligned teeth can detract from your appearance and start to affect your confidence. You may have considered corrective treatment but worried about the impact of metal braces. This is often the case for adults, particularly those who have a lot of contact with people in their professional or social life. If this sounds like you, then you may be interested in a system that can straighten your teeth comfortably, effectively and discreetly. At One Smile Oral Care in West Malling, Invisalign is a technique that has been popular with many of our patients.

Invisalign in West MallingHow does having Invisalign in West Malling work?

Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastic and gently reposition your teeth. The first stage is a consultation, during which you can ask any questions you may have and we can assess the state of your mouth and take measurements. The aligners are individually made to fit your mouth and you will be provided with a new set approximately every two weeks. This is so they adapt to the changing position of your teeth and continue to guide them into the right place. 3D computer modelling allows the aligners to be made precisely and means that you can see the predicted results in advance. You can try Invisalign in West Malling and join over 4 million people who have benefitted from this treatment worldwide.

What are the advantages?

The aligners are made of clear plastic and are almost invisible, unless someone is trying to spot them, so you can smile without feeling self-conscious. They work quickest if you wear them all the time and you should wear them for 20-22 hours a day. However, they are also removeable for eating and cleaning, so the impact on everyday activities is minimal and the aligners fit into your lifestyle. For our patients in West Malling, Invisalign has proved to be a comfortable, effective way of straightening teeth that does not cause the inconvenience or embarrassment of having ugly metal braces.

Having Invisalign in West Malling could be the start of a brighter future and a happier smile.

Are you proud of your smile?

Do you smile with confidence and laugh freely? Or do you hold back and feel self-conscious about your teeth? Chipped, broken, missing, misaligned or discoloured teeth can make you feel unhappy with how you look. This can affect your quality of life, as it undermines the enjoyment you feel and how you express yourself. At One Smile Oral Care, we know that looking after your teeth is more than simply about dental health. It is also about feeling great and looking attractive, so we are proud to offer cosmetic dentistry in West Malling.

Cosmetic Dentistry in West MallingHelping you have a brighter smile

We want you to enjoy your smile. At our practice in West Malling, cosmetic dentistry has helped many of our patients feel better about engaging with others by giving them a smile that they love. Cosmetic dentistry is the art of enhancing your smile through a variety of techniques. Whatever you would like to change about your teeth, there is a procedure to help you. The first stage is to speak with your dentist and find out which treatment or combination of approaches from the field of cosmetic dentistry in West Malling will best meet your needs. We are proud to offer a friendly and highly skilled service so that you receive the care you need and get the results you want.

Options for everyone

Cosmetic dentistry in West Malling has allowed many people to achieve the smile of their dreams. We offer a full range of options, from dental veneers to teeth whitening and invisible braces. We can even perform surgery to minimise the amount of gum that is revealed when you smile. Modern techniques are faster, more comfortable and less obtrusive than ever before. For example, clear braces allow crooked teeth to be realigned without having to wear ugly train track metal braces. White fillings are a much more discreet option than the amalgam material that has been traditionally used.

Hundreds of people enjoy brighter smiles thanks to cosmetic dentistry. West Malling patients can benefit from our experienced team and we look forward to helping you with a happier, more confident future. Please do get in touch with us today to see what we can do.

The discreet way to enhance your smile

Does your day start badly because you do not like what you see in the mirror? Crowded, overly spaced or misaligned teeth can detract from your appearance and have a big impact on your self-esteem. You may have considered corrective treatment, but associated it with metal braces, which can be inconvenient, ugly or difficult to get used to. If this sounds familiar, you may like to know about a modern system that can straighten your teeth comfortably, effectively and unobtrusively. At One Smile Oral Care in West Malling, Invisalign is a popular technique, which we have used for many of our patients.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign in West MallingWhen you decide to have Invisalign in West Malling, the first stage is an initial consultation, which allows us to assess the state of your mouth and take measurements. The Invisalign system uses a series of clear plastic trays or aligners that gently reposition your teeth and are changed every two weeks. This is so they adapt to the changing position of your teeth and continue to guide them into the right place. A 3D computer modelling system means that you can see the predicted results in advance and the aligners can be made to precisely fit your mouth. The aligners are removeable for eating and cleaning your teeth, so fit easily into your lifestyle. You can try Invisalign in West Malling and see for yourself why so many people have loved using this method.

What are the advantages?

Apart from the outcome of an attractive smile, our patients who have used Invisalign in West Malling value the fact that the process is very comfortable, discreet and avoids invasive procedures. The clear plastic aligners are virtually invisible so no-one will notice that you are wearing them and you can smile without worrying about how you look. As they are individually made for each person out of smooth plastic, they fit without rubbing and ensure that the teeth move in exactly the right way. Before long, the smile we designed together will be a reality.

Give yourself the gift of a beautiful new smile today and make an appointment with us to discuss whether Invisalign in West Malling is the treatment for you.

Give your teeth the care they deserve

One Smile Oral Care is an established West Malling dentist that combines the latest technology and knowledge with a friendly service. We deliver high standards in preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry in a relaxed and comfortable environment. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands, whether you are looking for regular care to maintain oral health, specific services such as veneers, teeth whitening to enhance your appearance, or dental implants to improve your quality of life. We will also be on hand if you have an emergency such as severe pain, a damaged or missing tooth, bleeding or a tooth abscess.

Dentist in West MallingModern technology from your dentist in West Malling

Our patients value us as their West Malling dentist as their comfort and care is at the heart of what we do. Our centre is designed with you in mind and our staff are highly trained, friendly and committed to providing you with the best results. Your comprehensive, regular check-ups will ensure that healthy teeth remain that way. We have also invested in new technology such as Waterlase, which uses a combination of water and laser to perform the same job as a drill. With no heat or vibration, you will need less anaesthetic and the whole process is much more comfortable.

Special care for nervous patients

Even anxious patients can relax when they choose us as their dentist in West Malling. Our staff are trained to put you at your ease and we can offer techniques such as the Wand for painless injections. Unlike a traditional syringe, the Wand provides a slow supply of anaesthetic, which is computer controlled. It is so comfortable that some patients do not even realise that the process has started. We are proud of our track record of restoring confidence to people who have had bad experiences with dentists in the past. So, even if you find coming to the dentist difficult, you can still benefit from regular check-ups as well as treatments to improve your oral health, appearance or the functionality of your mouth.

Our experienced team at your West Malling dentist looks forward to working with you to cater for all of your dental requirements.

Is your smile an asset?

For so many people, their day starts badly when, once again, they feel a bit down as they look at their smile in the mirror. If you feel shy about smiling or avoid social situations then your quality of life can suffer. Chipped, broken, missing, misaligned or discoloured teeth can contribute to feeling unhappy with how you look. It is essential to look after your teeth for good health but, because your smile is the first thing that people notice, attractive teeth play a vital role in how you feel. You may have seen celebrities with sparkling smiles, or noticed how their looks have been revolutionised with cosmetic dentistry. West Malling is the home of One Smile Dental Care, where we use the same techniques to improve your appearance.

Cosmetic Dentistry in West MallingCreating a more beautiful smile

Whatever it is you would like to change about your teeth, there is a procedure to help. The first stage is to find out which treatments will best meet your needs. We offer a full range of services, which can be combined to give you a more attractive smile using cosmetic dentistry in West Malling. You may need initial work from a hygienist to improve the health of your teeth and gums, and they can also give you information on how to take better care of your smile.

Options to suit everyone

For our patients in West Malling, cosmetic dentistry has allowed them to improve their looks and boost their confidence. If your teeth are discoloured, then whitening or veneers may be useful. Whitening is a very fast procedure while veneers can cover damage, stains and even decrease small gaps and make your teeth look longer or wider. If your teeth are misaligned then discreet braces could be the answer while dental implants or crowns replace missing teeth or make them look more even. We can also carry out gum surgery if too much gum is exposed when you smile. When you choose cosmetic dentistry in West Malling, you can rest assured that we use modern techniques that are faster, more comfortable and less obtrusive than ever before.

Investing in cosmetic dentistry in West Malling could be the start of a happier, more confident future.

How to straighten your teeth without braces – Invisalign in West Malling

Not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth. Crooked, crowded and gapped teeth can not only affect your appearance, they can also compromise your oral health. For this reason, many people consider teeth straightening, however, they start to hesitate when they think of the discomfort and embarrassment metal braces can cause them.

But what if we told you that a teeth straightening treatment can be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing? Invisalign is a virtually invisible solution for crooked and misaligned teeth, so that you can smile with confidence during and after your treatment. At One Smile Oral Care in West Malling, Invisalign is our treatment of choice for image-conscious adult patients with busy lifestyles who would not otherwise wear braces.

Invisalign in West MallingA clear alternative to metal braces

Invisalign is an innovative teeth straightening alternative to metal braces. The treatment consists of a series of removable, custom-made, transparent, plastic aligners that help move your teeth into the correct position over a specific period of time. Invisalign aligners are made with the aid of 3D technology to enable your dentist to monitor your progress throughout the treatment.

You will be given a series or aligners to change every two weeks and your teeth will move slowly towards the smile you have always wanted. Treatment with Invisalign can last up to 18 months; however, most patients have their teeth straightened within a year or so.

Benefits of Invisalign

There are many advantages to choosing Invisalign to straighten your teeth. Invisalign gently straightens your teeth, so there is hardly any pain involved. Invisalign will also be able to give you more ability to take care of your teeth than metal braces, as it allows you to floss and brush your teeth normally by simply removing the aligner. Finally, you will also be able to eat your favourite foods without dietary restrictions.

Am I a good candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign is ideal for self-conscious adults and teenagers who have all their permanent teeth and would like to fix moderate alignment issues. If you think you are a good candidate for Invisalign in West Malling, contact us today and we will schedule a consultation appointment for you.

Protect your children’s teeth with preventive dentistry in West Malling

Preventive dentistry emphasises the importance of good oral hygiene and regular dental visits to prevent common dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. Effective preventive dentistry combines educating your children on the benefits of good oral hygiene practices alongside special treatments and advice by dental professionals.

At One Smile Oral Care, we believe that prevention always better than cure, therefore, we advise our patients to bring their children to the dentist in West Malling as soon as their first teeth have erupted or shortly after their first birthday. This way, we can look for signs of gum disease and tooth decay and establish a thorough oral health prevention program for your little one.

Dentist in West MallingHow to prevent tooth decay

Tooth decay is a common disease among children and is often caused by the accumulation of plaque on the teeth and beneath the gums as well as a diet high in sugars. Sugar is responsible for forming cavities in the teeth, which can lead to serious pain and even tooth loss if not treated. In some cases, cavities in your children’s milk teeth can compromise the growth and development of their permanent teeth.

After gently and thoroughly cleaning your child’s teeth, our dentist in West Malling will remove the decay and fill the cavities, restoring the tooth to a healthy state. Tooth decay can be prevented by a good oral hygiene regime, including thorough brushing and flossing, regular dental check-ups and a healthy and balanced diet. We also offer additional treatments to ensure that your child’s teeth will remain without cavities for longer.

Our preventive treatments: fluoride applications and dental sealants

For children whose teeth are more prone to tooth decay, we recommend fluoride applications. Fluoride is a mineral that when applied directly to the teeth under the vigilant eye of an experienced dentist in West Malling, it re-mineralises the enamel and prevents cavities from developing. Your dentist may also recommend fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash in order to prevent or treat tooth decay at its initial stage at home.

On the other hand, dentists may also recommend dental sealants. These are thin plastic coatings that are applied to the surface of the back teeth to protect against tooth decay.

Straighter teeth and happier smiles

If you have crooked teeth, then you are probably familiar with feeling less than confident about your appearance. However, teeth that are misaligned, crowded or have large gaps can also cause other problems. Having teeth in the wrong position can affect how you eat and speak as well as the overall health of your jaw. Excessive spacing between the teeth can undermine their stability, and uneven teeth are harder to clean because there are more places for plaque to accumulate. This can cause gum inflammation, discomfort and infection if left unresolved. At One Smile Oral Care, we fit braces in West Malling to realign your teeth, enhance your smile and improve your health.

Braces in West MallingSolutions for all ages

We like to develop a good relationship with our younger patients and ideally for children in West Malling, braces are fitted when there is still a mixture of baby and adult teeth. This means that the teeth can be realigned while the jaw is developing to avoid problems in the future. However, it is never too late even if you are an adult or have had treatment in the past which has relapsed. Metal braces are a good choice for younger patients as they are more robust, but adults often have different requirements. Advances in technology mean that we are now able to offer our patients in West Malling braces that are more discreet, faster and more comfortable than before.

Modern techniques

We are pleased to offer braces in West Malling that fit into your lifestyle. Invisalign is a system that uses a series of clear plastic aligners. These are changed every two weeks to gently guide your teeth into place. The aligners are almost invisible and very comfortable as they are made from smooth plastic. They are also removeable for eating and cleaning, so do not interfere with everyday life. If you prefer fixed braces, then translucent ceramic brackets can help to minimise their visual impact.

Having braces in West Malling has benefitted so many of our patients and we would like you to share their experiences. Give yourself the gift of a more attractive smile and a healthier mouth by contacting us today to discuss your options.

Boost that smile with cosmetic dentistry in West Malling

If you want to boost your confidence and give yourself something to smile about, then why stop at general oral hygiene when you next visit your dentist? Why not ask your dentist about cosmetic dentistry in West Malling? More people are taking back control of their smile, with cosmetic dentistry on the rise. So why shouldn’t you too be able to get that dream smile you’ve always wanted?

Our treatments

Cosmetic dentistry covers a large variety of treatments that can transform your smile and even your whole facial structure. Zoom whitening, veneers and teeth straightening are some of the examples we have to offer here at One Smile Oral Care in West Malling. Cosmetic dentistry is here to help restore your confidence in your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry in West MallingIf your teeth have become stained from the natural effects of aging or through lifestyle choices, then you may want to restore them back to their initial shine. Zoom whitening can give speedy results. While you relax comfortably in our practice, in just over an hour your teeth can be made up to 8 shades lighter. Before you know it, your pearly whites will be shining bright once more.

Have you ever thought that you’re just all gums? That gummy smile can actually be rectified. What may appear as short teeth may in fact be normal teeth that are covered up by too much gum. Minor surgery at our practice can resolve this, revealing more of your teeth. The surgery itself involves the use of laser technology, which cuts and seals the gum tissue as it goes along, reducing bleeding. This procedure can be applied around one, several, or all teeth, leaving you with nothing but a beautiful smile.

Slightly crooked teeth, gappy, chipped, or stained teeth can all be covered with veneers. Placed over the fronts of the teeth in question, these porcelain shells are fixed to the tooth using a dental adhesive. The longevity of porcelain veneers can be 10 years or more, if properly looked after.

So that dream smile is now yours for the taking with cosmetic dentistry in West Malling.