The convenience of Invisalign

What’s Invisalign?

Invisalign in Kings Hill is a type of modern brace system made of clear plastic. Invisalign braces are usually referred to as Invisalign aligners. They are called Invisalign because they align your teeth invisibly. Yes, when you have them in your mouth they can’t be seen by others. The aligners are designed to be comfortable, convenient and easy-to-use. Invisalign aligners are worn over your teeth. You’ll need a number of sets of aligners, each set moves your teeth, just a little bit, over a 1-2 week period. When their job is done, you move on to the next set.

Invisalign in Kings HillWhy would you want to use Invisalign in Kings Hill?

Have you got crooked teeth that would look nicer if they were straight? Invisalign could be for you. Invisalign aligners correct mild to moderate tooth alignment issues. They’re a good choice for anyone who would like to straighten their teeth discreetly. They’re also perfect for people who have a lifestyle or job that would make wearing traditional metal braces impossible. As the aligners are removable, you can choose to take them out in some social situations. However, you should wear the aligners for the recommended time each day, 22 hours. If you don’t, you’ll experience a longer treatment time.

How do Invisalign aligners work?

Invisalign aligners work by applying pressure to your teeth. What’s great about Invisalign is, they can target individual teeth in a logical order, instead of moving your teeth all at once like traditional braces with brackets and wires. When you put each set of aligners in for the first time you’ll be able to feel which teeth have pressure on them. Over the 1-2 weeks of wearing each aligner, the pressure will gradually wear off. Once you no longer feel pressure with the set you’re wearing, it’s time to switch to the next set in your aligner series.

Want to try our Kings Hill Invisalign aligners?

If you think Invisalign could be just what you’re looking for, give us a call today. We can book you in for a consultation here at One Smile Oral Care and get you on the road to a beautifully straight smile.

Thinking about straighter teeth? Go invisible

Having straight teeth means you’ll be able to flash a beautifully straight smile for years to come. It will also mean you’ll have a mouth that’s easier to clean. Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss so straightening your teeth with braces in Kings Hill is a good investment for your long-term oral health.

Braces in Kings HillWhich braces to choose?

Here at One Smile Oral Care, our team has years of experience in fitting patients with braces. We have a range of braces to cover all lifestyles and tooth-straightening needs. One of our most popular braces is Invisalign, a clear and discreet brace system. If you’re looking to get your teeth straightened, we can help you decide which brace will suit your needs by assessing your oral health and alignment requirements.

Invisalign braces

Lots of our patients choose Invisalign aligners to straighten their teeth. These modern braces are almost invisible, only people who look up close will be able to see them in your mouth. This innovative brace system uses a number of sets of custom-made see-through plastic aligners. Each set fits over your top and bottom teeth. You’ll wear each set for around 7-10 days, moving from one set to another in succession. At the end of your treatment with Invisalign braces in Kings Hill, you’ll have straight teeth. During your treatment you’ll need to wear your Invisalign aligners for around 22 hours per day. You’ll need to take your aligners out for eating and cleaning your teeth, so you’ll be wearing your aligners for the rest of the day and night to make up your 22 hours. As with any brace system, you will need to be patient during your treatment. The results are by no means instant. The average treatment time with Invisalign braces is one year. Depending on your alignment requirements, the treatment may take a longer or shorter time.

Want to find out if Invisalign will work for you?

If you have teeth that stick out too much, are not symmetrical, are twisted, or gappy, give us a call to book a consultation appointment in Kings Hill. Braces will make your smile look better so why not start now?

For the love of a good smile

Here at One Smile Oral Care, we don’t just create healthy smiles, we make happy ones too. Once we’ve given your teeth a clean bill of health, you may want to consider enhancing their appearance too.

In Kings Hill, cosmetic dentistry is an art and science that considers the overall look of your face. We don’t bleach your teeth to a frightening shade of white and send you out into the world to blind anyone you meet: we aim to enhance your smile and bring out its natural beauty.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings HillOur cosmetic dentist is Dr Yasmin George. Yasmin is a highly experienced dentist, having been in practice for 30 years. She has worked for many of those years in cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill, providing teeth straightening, teeth whitening, veneers and gum lifts. Yasmin is also herself a nervous patient, so she knows that sitting in the dentist’s chair isn’t easy for everyone. She offers a range of techniques to help ease anxiety and soothe the nerves.

Yasmin has a particular interest in teeth straightening, including using Invisalign clear aligners and Damon braces. Both these options are popular with our adult patients because they get the job done more quickly than traditional braces, and in the case of Invisalign, are transparent. So, no awkward conversations or stares from strangers in the street because you have a mouth full of metal.

Yasmin is known for her calm, honest and approachable manner. She believes in empowering her patients to make an informed choice about their cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill. She offers a wealth of information and advice and is totally transparent about price, so patients know exactly what to expect and how much it will cost. Nothing is left in the dark.

She also delights in seeing the transformation that can occur when someone loves their smile, perhaps for the first time in their life. Seeing her patients grow in confidence is one of the best things about her job.

Come into our surgery today and talk to Yasmin about how cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill could give your smile a brand-new start.

Making your trip to the dentist in Kings Hill easy

When you visit the dentist in Kings Hill at One Smile Oral Care for the first time, you’ll be welcomed into our caring and friendly practice with open arms. Our dentists, clinical assistants and reception staff will all extend a warm welcome and do all that we can to make you feel at home.

Our modern and comfortable surgery makes the best use of the dental technology on offer, to make your experience of being at the dentist in Kings Hill as easy and pain-free as possible. This includes:

  • an iPlus water laser for removing plaque and excess tissue
  • an airflow scale and polish that uses air pressure, water and fine particles to clean your teeth
  • The Wand controlled anaesthetic system.

Dentist in Kings HillMore about The Wand

We recognised that many of our patients had a fear of the dentist, including a fear of the pain associated with needles and anaesthetic. To help address this, we started using The Wand.

This is an injection system that uses a needle that looks more like a pen. The flow of anaesthetic is controlled by a computer, cutting out the bee sting feeling that you commonly feel when injected. Because it isn’t actually the needle going into the skin that causes the most pain: it’s a rush of liquid being pushed through a tiny area, very fast. The Wand controls this flow, thus limiting the pain and the fear of the needle.

Precision tool

The other benefit of The Wand is that it is precise, so that just the tooth that needs targeting is numbed out. No more leaving the dentist in Kings Hill with half a frozen face.

This is just one example of how we use the latest equipment and techniques to help our patients have an easier time at the dentist in Kings Hill.

Find out more

Call into the practice today and find out if we are the dentist in Kings Hill for you. Talk to our practice principle Dr Ben Mortazavi about his passion for technology and patient care, and how he can help you maintain and keep your teeth for life.

Take control of your smile

As with any profession, within dentistry, there are those awesome new innovations that come along once every few years that are a total game-changer. One such advance is Invisalign. Here at One Smile Oral Care, we’ve been fitting our patients with Invisalign in Kings Hill for many years, and we are still blown away by the treatment.

The reason Invisalign was such a breath of fresh air was, because at the time it first came on the market just over 20 years ago, it was the only teeth straightening device that didn’t use brackets and wires. It used clear, plastic aligners that fitted neatly over the teeth, and nudged them gently into position over time.

Invisalign in Kings HillThe great benefit was that it was not only a transparent braces system, but it was also removable. No more food getting stuck in wires, no more lengthy cleaning routine.

This opened up huge possibilities for adult patients and self-conscious teens who didn’t want to advertise to the world that they were getting teeth straightening treatment. It was no longer necessary to sacrifice your smile in the short term to make it more beautiful in the long term.

However, there is a kind of drawback associated with Invisalign in Kings Hill, which is that it requires discipline. After you have been measured for the aligners and they have arrived at your door, the rest is pretty much up to you. Your dentist will check your progress every now and again, but you don’t have to get regular adjustments as you do with other braces. Every 7-10 days you change the pair of aligners you are wearing for the next in the series and off you go again.

You also need to keep on top of keeping the trays clean. They must be removed for eating and drinking anything other than plain water, otherwise they will stain (removing their invisibility powers) and food may get stuck against the teeth. Teeth and the trays must be cleaned after each meal and worn at least 22 hours a day to keep treatment on track.

Think you can handle it? Ask us for more details about Invisalign in Kings Hill and take control of your smile.

Braces in Kings Hill for children and teens

Every parent wants their child to grow up healthy and happy. We all wish the best for our young ones and if possible, want them to avoid painful and uncomfortable experiences. However, sometimes, children have to go through challenging times to grow and develop. One way in which this is very obviously true is if they need braces in Kings Hill.

Wearing a mouth full of metal for up to two years is no kid’s idea of fun. Add adolescent angst and extreme self-consciousness to the mix and it’s not a happy time in their life.

Braces in Kings HillBut thanks to developments in dental techniques and understanding, straightening a youngster’s teeth is nowhere near the ordeal that it used to be. With the advent of early screening and better materials, braces in Kings Hill aren’t so bad these days after all.

Get them young

At One Smile Oral Care, our teeth straightening dentist, Dr Yasmin George, recommends you bring your kids in for an assessment at five years old. It is now possible to detect whether adult teeth are going to descend correctly, before they have arrived. This way, Dr George can guide the adult teeth into position as they come through and avoid complex treatments further down the line. This means that your child could get their teeth straightening work done and dusted by age 13, before the raging hormones of the teenage years take over and they are permanently embarrassed.

Modern braces in Kings Hill

Braces are no longer the metal horrors of the 80s and 90s. Even for children, who generally need more in-depth work than adults, braces can be clear, lightweight and even hidden.

Some cases are suitable for Invisalign clear aligners, which pop on over the teeth like a thin mouth guard. Once in place, they can’t be seen, unless someone is really up close. Even traditional bracket and wire braces can now be made from lightweight, tooth-coloured materials, to blend into the teeth. And if your child wants to make a statement with their braces, they could opt for multi-coloured elastics.

For total discretion, lingual braces fit to the underside of the teeth and so are hidden from view.

We can help you look great with cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill

It’s easy to forget how innovative technology is when you are constantly surrounded by it. Some of the many of the wonders of modern technology can be found in cosmetic dentistry. Today, techniques are vastly better than they were a few decades ago. Here at One Smile Oral Care we can offer you an amazing range of modern dental treatments to enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill.

There has never been a better time to combat any issues you have with your teeth with cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill. Do you have a little too much gum showing? We can fix that with with gum reshaping. Don’t like the shape of your teeth? Veneers should sort that out. Feel your teeth are a little too yellow? Try teeth whitening.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings HillLet’s take a closer look

Gum reshaping

Cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill uses gum reshaping to solve the problem of what’s known as a gummy smile. A gummy smile is one where teeth seem to look too short and you see a lot of gum around your teeth. Usually your teeth are not actually too short, we just need to remove a little of your gum to make them appear longer. We use laser treatment to remove excess gum and expose your natural tooth.


Veneers are a wonderful example of modern cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill. We create thin, strong ceramic shells. These are fitted onto the fronts of your teeth. Veneers can be used to change the shape of your teeth, improve their colour or disguise chips or misshapen edges.

Professional teeth whitening

One of our most popular requests for cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill is teeth whitening. We offer cost-effective, safe and professional teeth whitening at One Smile Oral Care. Our experienced dentists are able to lighten the colour of your teeth by a few shades using the Zoom Whitening System. We always aim to achieve a natural look so you can leave our practice looking and feeling great.

If you would like to improve the look of your smile, give us a call today.

Keep smiling with your dentist in Kings Hill

What a difference a smile can make. Making subtle improvements to your smile can help you to portray confidence and happiness to others. It can also help you feel great on the inside. When you feel good it usually shows. Here at One Smile Oral Care, we want you to look great and feel great. If you have concerns about your teeth, we can help you as your dentist in Kings Hill.

Dentist Kings HillSomething for everyone

We offer an extensive range of treatments to help improve your smile and maintain your dental health. From tooth-coloured fillings to braces, whitening treatments and everything in between. We help patients of all ages to have beautiful smiles, from children to the elderly. So, whether you are looking for a simple check-up, a filling, or you want to go for some cosmetic smile enhancements, our dentist in Kings Hill can help you.

Modern dentistry

Dentistry today uses advanced techniques and materials. This makes a big difference to how treatments work. Things are quicker and simpler nowadays. A great example is Invisalign. Invisalign is a modern, discreet form of teeth straightening. It uses thin, clear plastic aligner trays to straighten your teeth. The aligners are removable and almost invisible, so they fits in with your lifestyle seamlessly. Traditional metal braces can take up to three years to get teeth straight. For mild to moderate misalignments Invisalign has an average treatment time of one year. Now there’s a great improvement for modern dentistry. If you’d like to straighten your teeth with Invisalign, get in touch with our dentist in Kings Hill today.

Smile makeovers

We are proud to offer our patients advice and treatments that can enhance and improve their smile. Our staff have the skills, experience, tools and artistry to create beautiful smiles. If you are feeling less than happy with your smile, perhaps it’s time to call us for some advice. Our smile makeovers can include one or multiple treatments. All of our patients are individual and no smile is the same. So to find out how we can help you improve your smile, all you need to do is book in a consultation.

No see teeth straightening with Invisalign in Kings Hill

Here at One Smile Oral Care, we remain as impressed as ever with how invisible Invisalign clear aligners are, even though we fit them pretty regularly, we can never quite get over how well they live up to their name.

Invisalign in Kings HillSo, if you have been wanting to get your mild to moderately misaligned teeth sorted out, why not come in for a free consultation for this device. It’s been around for about 20 years now and in that time, over 4 million people have been treated with Invisalign. In Kings Hill, of course it’s nowhere near that many, but there are still plenty of people walking round with lovely straight teeth thanks to Invisalign. And there are plenty more whose teeth seem to be getting straighter every week as if by magic. It isn’t magic though, it’s Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a straightening system that uses mouth guard-like aligners that snap on over the teeth rather than the more usual brackets and wires. You get a series of them (how many depends on your particular alignment issues), which you wear, starting at aligner number one and working your way through to the last in the series.

Each aligner has pressure points placed in it, and their size and angle are carefully designed to press your teeth in exactly the right direction that they need to go to line up well with their neighbours. Each aligner takes about 7-10 days to do its work and you will know when it is time to change to the next in the series because the pressure will have worn off.


The aligners are see-through and only 0.3 millimetres thick, which means that when they are on your teeth, it takes a trained eye, or a really close friend, to spot them.

Take them out

The other big plus is that Invisalign aligners come out when you eat and drink fluids that are not plain water. You put them in your storage box and give your teeth a good clean before putting them back in. These two advantages are what makes Invisalign in Kings Hill so popular.

When is a good time for braces in Kings Hill?

If you have children, you are going to want them to have teeth that look good, work well and last a lifetime. Every parent does. So, no doubt one thing you are wondering about is whether or not your child is going to need braces and if so when. Braces are available for severe bite and tooth alignment problems on the NHS, but there is only so much money for this and there are long waiting lists. What if your child has to wait for ages? Maybe even so long that it’s too late to solve some problems? How can you make sure that you know in good time what’s likely to happen regarding your child’s teeth and what is going to be the best way to give them a good, strong, well aligned set of teeth on well matched jaws?

Braces in Kings HillEarly diagnostics for braces in Kings Hill

Here at One Smile Oral Care, we are great believers in giving children braces as soon as possible. With recent advances in diagnostics, as well as braces, we can now predict what is going to happen to your child’s teeth instead of waiting for them to come through to see what the problems are.

Dr Yasmin George, our braces dentist, can diagnose problems from as early as the age of 5. Certainly, they need a braces check before they are 7. This means that we can treat your child’s teeth as they come through rather than waiting for them to arrive and settle in, and then moving them. This means that treatment could start from the age of around 9 or earlier, and be all done by the age of 13, just when your child hits adolescence and that awful self-consciousness sets in. They could be a teenager and not have to wear embarrassing braces in Kings Hill. How great would that be?

Free consultation

If you are unsure about what your child needs, you can bring them in for a free consultation with Dr Yasmin George. Dr George can also advise on any habits, such as thumb or finger sucking, that are causing your child’s teeth to come through at the wrong angle.