What do you need to get straight?

Most people have a list in their head of things they are intending to get around to at some point. The longer the list, the more subconscious pressure we can feel. Life feels like it revolves around achievement sometimes. One of the ways to lighten the load is to really have a think about what you want and either scratch something off the list or act to get it done. If one of the things on your list is paying attention to your teeth, One Smile Oral Care want to make it easy for you to act to cross this off your list.

Braces Kings HillOne of the things that can affect our desire to face an item on our list is the amount of effort or investment of time or money that we associate with it. If it’s a lot, it can tend to slip further down the list every time we think about it. If, for example, you want to realign your smile, you probably know that this requires some sort of equipment and a long-term dental process.

When you think about braces in Kings Hill, what negative associations do you have that might be preventing you from acting? Knowing the answer to this question and talking to One Smile Oral Care about them can get you on the path to a better-looking smile.

What’s standing in your way?

We all want our lives to be as easy as possible. While you know that achieving things that have value in your life often comes with challenges that you gain satisfaction from overcoming, you don’t want to give yourself unnecessary issues.

For example, if you think that braces in Kings Hill are going to negatively impact your appearance in a way that has a knock-on effect on your social life or career, you may find this reason enough to learn to live with crooked teeth. However, during a quick consultation with One Smile Oral Care about braces in Kings Hill, you may discover that you can choose to work with teeth-straightening equipment, like Invisalign® clear aligners, that does not unduly affect the way that you look. We hope we can address all your concerns easily, so you can go ahead with your treatment.

Persuasion guide for your parents – Invisalign in Kings Hill

Most teenagers and adolescents must settle for traditional braces when they have their teeth straightened. This is often because they are available with financial assistance from the NHS. However, there are other options that many young people prefer. Invisalign in Kings Hill is one of these. So, how do you talk to your parents about this option to persuade them that it’s the right way to go?

Invisalign in Kings HillFirst, when you visit One Smile Oral Care, we will examine your teeth and mouth to make sure that Invisalign in Kings Hill is a possibility for you. Be aware that many adolescent issues with teeth require a fixed braces solution, at least to begin with. It may be possible to combine treatment methods over the course of your realignment, but we won’t be able to tell you whether this is possible until we see you.

If Invisalign in Kings Hill is right for you, what are the advantages for you and your parents?

Invisalign are nearly invisible against the teeth so it’s possible for you to wear an aligner without anyone knowing it is there. This means that your confidence is not affected by your teeth-straightening treatment. Being a teenager is tough enough without the added stigma of braces, so this is one great reason to recommend this method.

You are encouraged to be disciplined while using Invisalign. You need to remember to swap your aligner for the next in the series when the time is right. You can use your phone to remind you. Taking on this level of responsibility is something you can tell your parents about, so they know you are ready for this kind of treatment.

Invisalign also encourages healthy eating habits. This is because you cannot snack between meals or drink anything but water without taking your aligner out. Then you need to clean your teeth before you put it back in. This makes you aware of your habits and even discourages some people from casually eating when they aren’t hungry. Many people find that these new modes of behaviour stay with them after treatment.

We can talk you through all the benefits of Invisalign when you visit One Smile Oral Care.

We can work it out with cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill

Picture yourself with a smile you can be proud of. What difference would it make to your life? If you imagine erasing any issues you have with your smile, how does it make you feel? You may think that this is little more than a dream, but we can help you make it a reality at One Smile Oral Care with cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings HillHow do you decide?

When we first start working with a patient who wants cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill, we find that the treatment can go a number of different ways.

It may be obvious to you which issue you want to tackle first. Indeed, you might only have one thing that you want to address at this time. We can check your teeth and let you know what the options are for achieving what you want.

Another possibility is that you don’t really know what you want, you aren’t sure what’s available and you want lots of guidance on how to proceed. We can help you choose one or several treatments to help you build the smile of your dreams.

Many people are somewhere between the two possibilities above. At One Smile Oral Care, we have lots of experience guiding people through the journey of having cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill.

Is cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill really for me?

Even though you want to improve your smile, you may still have doubts about getting cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill. This is quite common as elective dental treatment is still a relatively new things for many patients. It’s natural to be worried about how a procedure will go, the effect it will have on your teeth and the cost of treatment. At One Smile Oral Care, we can talk to you about these and any other concerns that you have.

Our aim is to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your treatments and that you are over the moon with the results. We can also talk to you about budget and how we can get the best results for the price that you are hoping to pay. You may also be able to take advantage of our finance plan.

Exploring technology at the dentist in Kings Hill – crowns

A crown is a method of repairing a damaged tooth. It is effectively a cap that fits over the tooth, once decayed material has been removed, to seal the area, prevent further damage and restore the full functionality of the tooth. Crowns have been used for millennia, but they have developed quite a bit during this time.

Dentist in Kings HillAt One Smile Oral Care, we like to work with modern technology to improve your experience of visiting the dentist in Kings Hill for care and repairs. The equipment we use to help place crowns more efficiently for our patients is known as Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic® or CEREC® for short.

CEREC® is basically a digital scanner that allows us to build a picture of the area where a patient needs a crown placed and produce the required cover straight away. This used to be a multiple-appointment procedure, as we used to have to gather data in one appointment and then send this to a technician who would make a crown and then send it back to us to be fitted at the next appointment. Now, this process can usually be achieved in one appointment.

Digital technology also allows us to be more accurate when creating your crown at One Smile Oral Care. This invariably means a better fit and a long-lasting result. We do not need to take any impressions and we are able to save a greater portion of your damaged tooth.

If you need a crown to repair damage to your smile, we can talk you step-by-step through the process of getting a treatment using CEREC®. We find that our patients are more comfortable when they know exactly what is going on and how they will benefit from results at the dentist in Kings Hill.

Once your crown is fitted, it will have a positive impact on your oral health. We invite you back for check-ups to ensure that this is the case and to catch any future tooth decay before it gets to the stage of needing a crown. Whilst we enjoy using our modern technology, we’d still prefer you to have healthy teeth that don’t need it in the first place.

How can we help?

When we ask this question at One Smile Oral Care, it covers a range of potential dental issues. Do you have an oral health problem that you would like to address? Do you need help understanding how to care for your teeth and encourage your family to do the same? Or would you like to change the appearance of your smile for the better using a method like braces in Kings Hill? There are lots of different ways that we can help when you decide to visit us.

Braces Kings HillIs teeth straightening what you need?

At One Smile Oral Care, we offer braces in Kings Hill to patients of all ages who have a problem with the misalignment of their teeth.

For children and adolescents, this is more likely to be for a clinical issue that needs addressing. Teeth rarely grow through perfectly and, when they need a bit of assistance to fall into line, we are here to help with braces in Kings Hill.

Adults can also now address longstanding issue with the alignment of their teeth. In order to do this, you might not necessarily need to compromise the aesthetics of your smile during treatment. We offer invisible orthodontic options that are designed to do an excellent job of straightening your teeth while being sympathetic towards its appearance.

Braces in Kings Hill can be used to address one or more of these issues:

  • Crooked teeth – this is a catch-all term for any teeth that do not line up, are twisted or create awkward contours within the smile;
  • Gaps – sometimes the issue isn’t caused by overcrowding but by there being too much space in the smile. People can become quite self-conscious about gaps, but a teeth-straightening treatment can nudge the surrounding teeth along until the issue is solved;
  • Misaligned bite – in an ideal world, the top set should meet the bottom set perfectly. For some people, this simply does not happen. Either their bottom jaw sits forward of their top or vice-versa. It’s also possible to have the jaw drift off to one side or another through repetitive poor biting habits.

Adult braces are more likely to deal with cosmetic refinements, but a treatment can also have knock-on beneficial health effects.

Enhanced dental alignment

If you want to straighten your teeth, we offer a contemporary method that will spare you the social and physical discomforts associated with braces. Available now in Kings Hill, Invisalign is a lightweight, user-friendly treatment. At One Smile Oral Care, we have years of experience in delivering this innovative realignment procedure.

Invisalign in Kings HillThe process of Invisalign in Kings Hill

At your initial consultation, we’ll assess your oral health and hygiene, and make sure that Invisalign in Kings Hill is the appropriate way to treat your realignment needs. It’s suitable for you if your issues are either mild or moderate. Then we’ll take some 3D images of your teeth, using a computer. The dental laboratory will use these images to produce a series of aligners, made from clear plastic. You wear each set until the pressure wears off, which takes about 7-10 days. Then you wear the next set, and so on until the series is complete.

The aligners fit comfortably over your teeth, and their shape changes subtly as the treatment progresses, which gently pressures your teeth into improved positions.

Convenience and comfort

Wearing Invisalign in Kings Hill is a discreet and comfortable experience. The aligners are almost undetectable by other people because of their transparency. You’ll thus avoid unwanted attention when dealing with customers at work, or acquaintances at important social occasions. There are no visible attachments and no wires, plus you take the aligners out when you eat and brush your teeth. This handy feature makes it much easier to keep your teeth really clean as you go through your treatment.


The typical duration for treatment is 12-18 months. You could spend longer wearing Invisalign in Kings Hill if you have more complex needs. When the aligners come off, you’ll probably have to wear a retainer while you sleep, which helps your teeth to stay fixed in their new positions.

It takes some time for Invisalign in Kings Hill to enhance your dental alignment, but the resulting benefits will last for many years. You’ll have a smile with much more visual appeal, and plaque removal will be easier. Your teeth will function more efficiently, and your overall dental experience will be more harmonious.

Make yourself comfortable

If you fear the dentist, it is easy to imagine your visit as a hellish walk through the reception, where you can hear the sounds of drills and screaming coming from consultation rooms. If that is the case for your imagination, you’ll be surprised to hear that a visit to the dentist as quite the opposite. At One Smile Oral Care, we like to make you feel comfortable and relaxed when you visit us. This means hearing not screaming, but laughter and calm conversations.

Cosmetic Dentistry LeybourneThe oral health and hygiene of your teeth is one thing. A thorough brushing routine has and always will be a part of the morning and evening routine. Like brushing your hair or eating your breakfast, looking after your teeth keeps you happy and smiling.

The small things

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Leybourne, we focus on what will improve and enhance the appearance of your smile. It might be that there’s always been a minor flaw nagging at your confidence when you want to smile. In Leybourne, cosmetic dentistry is there to help you block out the nagging and leave behind that small imperfection.

At One Smile Ora Care, porcelain veneers can be the solution to an insignificant flaw. These are thin shells of ceramic placed on top of a tooth that is discoloured, chipped or crooked. You might choose this as an effective and simple way to fill in a gap between your teeth, making veneers suitable for both cosmetic and health purposes.

Got any gum?

In Leybourne, cosmetic dentistry also includes treatments that solve problems such as gummy smiles. This is when your teeth appear too short and your gums are taking over. The appearance of short teeth can be deceiving, as excessive gum tissue could just be covering them. Cosmetic periodontal surgery is a procedure entailing the reshaping of the excessive gum tissue. The natural tooth can then be exposed, taking away the worry of a gummy smile.

whiten and brighten

If your teeth have become discoloured over time, it could be because of drinks like coffee and red wine. But discolouration also happens naturally with age, which is why teeth whitening treatments serve to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile.

Chilled-out smiles

Perhaps a visit to the dentist isn’t top of your list of the most exciting things to do, but it should be up there on the list of reasons to smile. If you are looking for a dentist in Leybourne, we are here to give you both a reason to smile and to feel satisfied with your teeth. At One Smile Oral Care, we want to welcome you into a relaxed and friendly and environment, where you will feel comfortable enough to talk about any problems you might be having with your teeth.

Dentist in LeybourneWe like to think that most of the time, your teeth won’t cause you many problems. In which case, it’s also nice to hear about how happy you are with your smile. Having said that, we encourage patients to arrange a routine check-up with our dentist in Leybourne every six months. This benefits both you and our dentists, as you can be welcomed into a familiar environment where you are understood.

Getting to know you

During your routine appointment, one of our dentists will look at your teeth to check that everything is on top form. These regular visits are helpful because the dentist in Leybourne can spot early signs of certain conditions. Prevention of further complications are prioritised, allowing you to carry on laughing and smiling without interruption.

A smile that makes you smile

If you’re seeking a dentist in Leybourne providing cosmetic dentistry, we offer treatments that exist to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Coffee and red wine never seems like a problem when you’re drinking it, because one wakes you up and the other lets you relax. However, after time, it can begin to show on your teeth. If you feel that your teeth are little too discoloured for your liking, then we offer teeth whitening treatments. This brightens your teeth, replacing the dull yellow with a vibrant white.

Other treatments we offer at Oral Smile Health Care, including teeth-straightening treatments, dental implants and restorative procedures, are all available to you if you ever need them. Although we don’t always anticipate needing certain treatments, it’s nice to know that they are here to boost your smile and preserve your oral health.

Convenient ways to straighten your teeth

Having straighter teeth means having a more pleasant smile and a mouth that’s easier to keep clean. In Leybourne, braces are available in a variety of styles, and use low-visibility materials to stay discreet. At One Smile Oral Care, we have years of experience in providing contemporary realignment treatments for people of all ages seeking braces in Leybourne. Whether your front teeth stick out too much, your smile is wonky, or your bite is misaligned, we can transform your dental positioning with our knowledge and technology.

Braces in LeybourneThe process of having braces in Leybourne

Poorly aligned teeth can become a persistent cosmetic nuisance. Even relatively slight imperfections can have a significant impact over time. You’ll benefit from having braces in Leybourne if you usually feel the need to hide your mouth when laughing, or try not to smile in photos.

When you come to us for a discussion about braces, we’ll assess your oral health and get to know how you’d like to improve the appearance of your teeth. We can then recommend the most appropriate ways to achieve the transformation you desire.

Teeth straightening options

Many people find Invisalign to be an effective treatment for mild-to-moderate misalignment. This innovative solution uses a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners. They fit comfortably over your teeth, and you’ll wear a set of them for around 7-10 days before moving on to the next set in the series. Because each set of aligners has a subtly different shape, your teeth will gradually move into better positions.

There are no wires or brackets attached to the teeth with Invisalign, so you can take the aligners out of your mouth at mealtimes or when cleaning your teeth.

Other methods

For people who need traditional braces in Leybourne but want to avoid attracting unwanted attention to their treatment, we use appliances made of transparent and tooth-coloured materials. Only the closest observers will be able to tell you’re wearing braces while this process is ongoing.

It does take some patience to achieve the required results, but once the braces come off, you’ll enjoy the resulting benefits for many years.

Great straightening for adults and teens

If you have the discipline to be in charge of your own alignment process, and you want teeth straightening, but don’t want stares and personal questions, then you might well be interested in Invisalign in Leybourne.

Invisalign is a different method of straightening teeth from the traditional bracket and wire braces that we all know. It uses clear plastic aligner trays that resemble mouth guards. The trays snap on over the teeth and are held in place by metal clips on the back teeth.

Invisalign in LeybourneInvisalign in Leybourne is available from us at One Smile Oral Care. It offers a great way to straighten mild to moderate misalignments and is available for adults and teens. It has two great advantages over other ways of straightening teeth.

Discreet alignment

Because the aligner trays are made of clear plastic, are only 0.3mm thick, and moulded specifically to your teeth, they all but disappear from view once they are in place. They really cannot be seen except by the keenest observer, like your best friend or your very close colleagues who are with you all day. Other less personal, more fleeting contacts won’t spot that you are wearing aligners, making them the perfect way to get your teeth straightened if you are in a high-profile job, or one that involves dealing with the public. It also means you can keep up your social life without your fabulous outfits being marred by your braces. You will still look great in photos. You could even wear your aligners to your own wedding and not worry about the photos.

Removable aligners

You take your aligners out for eating and drinking anything that isn’t plain water. This makes meals far less hassle. You don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to eat what’s on offer if you are dining at someone else’s house, or in a restaurant, and you won’t have to spend ages afterwards trying to remove bits food from your braces. All you have to do is remember to keep them in for 20-22 hours a day.

To find if Invisalign in Leybourne is right for you, book yourself a consultation.