All your dental services under one roof

Time was that going to the dentist in Leybourne meant popping in for a bi-annual check-up, a scale and polish, and if you needed it some kind of remedial work like fillings or root canal therapy. Anything else more complex and you could expect to get referred to a separate dentist, probably in London or Maidstone. It would probably mean having to take a day, or several days, off work and eat up money on petrol or train fares.

Dentist in LeybourneNone of that need be the case if you are a patient at One Smile Oral Care, a dentist in Leybourne that has a wide variety of dental services under one roof.

Here at One Smile Oral Care, we do our utmost to offer you modern dentistry at reasonable prices. We know that what matters to you in terms of dentistry is that you have a great looking, strong, healthy set of teeth and that treatment is quick and comfortable.

That’s why we invest in important pieces of equipment, such as the Wand. No one likes injections, and interestingly, it’s not the piercing of the needle that causes the pain, but the sudden rush of fluid into your cells. The Wand delivers anaesthetics in a computer-controlled flow to avoid that pain of cells filled too fast with fluid. It also avoids you having way more anaesthetic than you actually need and leaving the dentist with half your face numb and unable to speak or drink coffee without looking distinctly strange.

As well as the Wand, we have lasers that can carry out certain procedures with much less pain than before. We can use the laser equipment to diagnose and remove decayed tooth tissue (instead of using the drill), for working on your gums and for whitening teeth.

We have also invested in technology to help cut down on the number of appointments you need for certain treatments with the dentist in Leybourne. Our Cerec machine makes ceramic restorations on site. This means if you need a crown, or a veneer, we can make one for you while you are in the dental chair, instead of you having to come back two weeks later.

Realign with Invisalign

The number of people wanting to obtain that perfect smile is on the rise, and as they achieve their desired smile their peers and work colleagues should be none the wiser due to an innovative tooth straightening method.

Invisalign in West MallingDiscretion is a top priority for some people and at West Malling, Invisalign braces are designed just for that. Invisalign is a mould that over time will reshape the line of your teeth. At our practice, One Smile Oral Care in West Malling, Invisalign is offered as a more suitable alternative to traditional braces, especially to adults in public-facing jobs, due to their discretion and ease of use. Imagine the stares and comments you would get if you wore metal train track braces at work – with Invisalign, no one will be any the wiser! The practicality of being able to remove the aligners is favourable but it is not advised to remove them often.

What can Invisalign do for you

Invisalign in West Malling can work on a number of alignment problems. Overbites, underbites or crossbites can all potentially be treated. Plus, work on spacing and alignment problems created by crooked or crowded teeth.

After an initial consultation with your cosmetic dentist, we will be able to get information on how long it will take and whether Invisalign will be suited to your needs. After taking photos and X-rays of your teeth, we will be able to create 3D computer imagery detailing the step by step straightening process. The aligners you will then be required to wear will be made out of clear plastic and will have been specifically designed for your mouth alone. To successfully realign your teeth the mould needs to retain a consistent, gentle but firm pressure.

Why choose Invisalign

The removal of the aligners for eating, cleaning or special occasions makes Invisalign a popular choice but it is advisable to wear the aligners as often as possible to achieve the optimal result. It is recommended that the aligners are worn at least 20-22 hours throughout the day. Total treatment time can vary between patients and what requirements are initially needed but the average time frame is 9-15 months.

Is cosmetic dentistry right for me?

If you think you are the only one who is unhappy with their smile, then think again. Millions of people around the world are born without perfect teeth, but luckily they can now make their smile look better with cosmetic dentistry.

  1. A mix of art and science, cosmetic dentistry in West Malling is ideal for patients of all ages who wish to fix subtle or not so subtle dental imperfections. At One Smile Oral Care, we examine your teeth and help you design your ideal smile with the aid of cosmetic dentistry in West Malling.

Cosmetic Dentistry in West MallingDo you have dull and yellow teeth?

If you are dealing with yellow and discoloured teeth, we can help you. Stained teeth can be caused by many things, including coffee, tea, dark-coloured foods and beverages as well as certain medication. Some people have yellower teeth than other because of genetics, while smoking is also a major cause of tooth discolouration.

Whatever the reason behind your yellow teeth, cosmetic dentistry in West Malling can help. At One Smile Oral Care, we offer Zoom!, an innovative teeth whitening system that uses a special light to activate the bleaching gel on the patient’s teeth.

The Zoom! light helps break down hydrogen peroxide and enables it to enter the tooth enamel without causing any harm. Patients who opt for this teeth whitening procedure can have brighter teeth in less than an hour in the dentist’s chair.

Do you have chipped, cracked or misshapen teeth?

If your teeth are not attractive because of flaws such as chips and cracks, then dental veneers may be the right solution for you. These small porcelain shells are attached directly to the surface of the teeth to hide all imperfections. Dental veneers are ideal for concealing chipped, cracked, misshapen, permanently discoloured and fractured teeth and can also close up small gaps.

This procedure requires removing some tooth enamel prior to applying the veneers, but once they are in place you will feel great about your new, beautiful smile. With good care, the veneers can last for 10 years.

Interested in any of the cosmetic dentistry treatments above? Call us today and we will book a consultation appointment for you.

Do I need to have straight teeth?

When you think of reasons for straightening teeth, you probably imagine the result to be a more attractive smile. However, straight teeth are also very important for the health of your mouth too. If teeth are not well aligned, various teeth straightening procedures using braces in West Malling can help.

The major reason straight teeth are important is because problems with your bite can cause pain and structural problems with the jaw. These conditions will almost always lead to pain in the mouth and can even lead to problems with eating and speaking.

Braces in West MallingWhen the bite is not correctly aligned, the teeth will wear down more quickly and will be under more stress than teeth that are part of a well-aligned smile. This stress will almost certainly lead to dental problems, such as chipped, worn or cracked teeth.

In addition, crooked teeth are more difficult to clean and therefore more prone to infection than straighter teeth. Bacteria, food particles and plaque can become lodged or develop in places that are hard to reach with a toothbrush or dental floss.

Straight teeth are essential for successful oral health. If you have wonky teeth or problems with your bite, Dr Yasmin George here at One Smile Oral Care can provide you with a remedy. She is a very experienced dentist with a special interest in providing braces in West Malling and has provided hundreds of brilliant teeth straightening results.

Can I achieve straight teeth inconspicuously?

An increasingly popular option for discreet teeth straightening is Invisalign. Invisalign braces in West Malling can be used for a variety of different dental issues such as: overlapping teeth, wide gaps in teeth, cross bite, overbite and bite irregularities. Invisalign are known as ‘invisible braces’. This is because they look less obvious compared to traditional fixed metal braces, which are sometimes viewed as unattractive.

Patients will replace their aligners every 7-10 days to gently reposition the teeth. Invisalign braces in West Malling are removable and can be taken out when eating, drinking and brushing your teeth. This is designed to make life a lot easier for patients, as they no longer must worry about food debris getting stuck in the braces or brushing around the wires.

Signs you need to see a dentist in West Malling

Patients who felt forced to visit the dentist as children are less likely to keep their appointments consistent as adults. However, visiting the dentist regularly is important for many reasons and prevention is number one. A dentist can examine a patient’s teeth and gums thoroughly and diagnose tooth decay and gum disease at an early stage.

Dentist in West MallingQuite a few patients believe that brushing and flossing their teeth daily will help them keep their teeth healthy for longer. However, bacteria and plaque tend to hide in small crevices between our teeth and only a dentist can remove them safely. At One Smile Oral Care, our dentist in West Malling will ensure that your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and examined. We believe that prevention is vital, since it can save you time and money in the long run.


A toothache is the underlying cause of many dental problems, though it is usually associated with cavities. Once a toothache begins it may not hurt as much. However, pain can escalate really quickly and visiting the dentist in West Malling is the best thing to do.

Bleeding gums

Sensitive gums can bleed from time to time when you brush or floss your teeth, but this should not happen on a regular basis. If your gums are bleeding on a daily basis, then you are most likely suffering from gum disease. Consistent bleeding followed by puffy and sensitive gums are signs that you need to see a dentist as soon as possible.

Sensitive teeth

If you feel pain any time you eat or drink anything hot or cold, then you may be experiencing tooth decay or infection. Sensitive teeth can also be indicative of tooth enamel erosion. If you feel pain any time you sip cold water or hot tea, then it is time to visit a dentist in West Malling. Our dentist will examine your teeth thoroughly and determine the cause of your sensitivity.

Bad breath

Bad breath is quite common but if it is persistent, then it may be related to infection. Our dentist can identify the cause of bad breath and recommend the best solution possible.

The discreet way to improve your smile

Undergoing tooth alignment with Invisalign in West Malling involves wearing discreet, clear, plastic aligners that are custom-designed for your mouth. Invisalign gradually straightens your teeth and closes gaps, improving the overall aesthetic of your smile. In West Malling, Invisalign is the modern, more attractive and comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces.

Invisalign-in-West-MallingThe cost of Invisalign varies depending on how many aligners it takes to move the teeth into position. You should wear your aligners as much as possible throughout the day, and certainly for at least 20 hours per day throughout your treatment. Ideally, you only take them out to eat, and clean your teeth.

Invisalign tooth straightening requires a series of aligners to be used. Each aligner progresses on from the last. Aligners are generally changed 7-10 days until your desired results have been achieved.

So, Invisalign versus metal braces?

Invisalign is well suited to straightening the front teeth. For moving the larger back teeth or for extreme bite corrections, metal braces may be required.

Are Invisalign aligners easy to clean?

Aligners can be cleaned with toothpaste and a toothbrush. We will recommend a suitable product for you, as using incorrect products can discolour your aligners making your teeth look yellow. You should brush and floss after each meal. If food and sugars are trapped in your aligners, you will be soaking your teeth in them for prolonged periods. Many patients using Invisalign in West Malling report that they enjoy the results of a better hygiene routine as a result of using Invisalign

How long can I expect to wear Invisalign braces?

Often patients will see visible progression in around three to four months. In some cases, it can be sooner than that. The average treatment time is a year.

Will the results last forever?

We expect you new smile to last when you take proper care of your teeth and wear your retainers for the time we recommend you once your alignment programme has finished. If you want the exact results to stay you should ideally use your retainers forever. Of course, after around six months, you can keep your retainer for night time use only.

Raise the roof with a killer smile

With over 48% of the population of the UK unhappy with their smile, more and more people are looking at cosmetic dentistry as a viable means of correcting their problems and creating a more confident smile. In West Malling, cosmetic dentistry is a rapidly growing choice for many of our patients.

So, who to choose? One Smile Oral Care offers exceptional quality cosmetic dentistry in West Malling and could offer just what you are looking for.

Cosmetic Dentistry in West MallingWhat can a cosmetic dentist do?

We offer all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. If you have discoloured teeth, you may be interested in our professional teeth whitening. If you are missing any teeth, we offer dental implants using the latest technology to create strong, reliable new teeth. Misaligned teeth can be straightened by a variety of convenient, practical, non-invasive and often invisible braces, including the popular Invisalign.

A cosmetic dentist can carry out several different procedures designed to enhance your smile. The goal of cosmetic dentistry in West Malling is to improve the aesthetics of your teeth. This type of dentistry is not concerned with routine examinations on the teeth. General dentistry is where this kind of work takes place, but having strong healthy teeth is the foundation for being able to have cosmetic dentistry. There is no point in doing cosmetic work on teeth that need remedial work. Cosmetic dentistry in West Malling can give you the smile that you have always wanted or can give you back the smile you may have lost. Some of the procedures performed by our cosmetic dentists include whitening, bonding, lifting the gums or veneers.

I want whiter teeth

If your teeth have become discoloured because of smoking, coffee, tea or the process of ageing, then a cosmetic procedure such as tooth whitening can help you to get your teeth white and bright looking again.

Tooth whitening involves bleaching your teeth to make them lighter. The active ingredient in the product is usually hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down to release oxygen ions that will gently lift the colour of your teeth quickly, effectively and is a budget friendly option for your cosmetic dentistry in West Malling.

Brace yourself for a new smile

Braces in West Malling are a long-term solution for teeth straightening and can be either for aesthetic or health purposes. Even if it is a case that your slightly misaligned teeth are not affecting you eating or your dental hygiene routine but you want a stunning smile nonetheless, then wait no longer. At our dental practice in West Malling, braces are just one of the many services we offer to assure you have the confidence and dazzling smile you have always dreamed of.

braces-in-west-mallingWhich braces to choose

At One Smile Oral Care, we now have a range of options for braces in West Malling. We can offer braces in the more traditional form such as the metal braces which are generally more suited to children, to the subtler invisible braces, which are only really noticeable up close. These are more than often used by adults. So, if your reason for getting braces is for purely cosmetic purposes, then opting for invisible braces ensures that your peers and work colleagues need not even know you are realigning your teeth.

How do braces work?

Braces are a systematic way of straightening your teeth by gently applying pressure which over time, move your teeth into your desired position. Braces are effectively a series of brackets and wires. The bracket is attached to either the outside or inside of your teeth, depending the type of brace you opt for, and the wire is clipped onto each bracket.

The wire can then be tightened at intervals so over the proposed duration of wearing the braces suggested by your cosmetic dentist, the whole unit applies a continuous pressure which slowly but surely realigns your teeth into the position desired. A bracket is made out of either metal, plastic or ceramic, depending on your choice of braces. They can be used to treat crooked or crowded teeth, re-adjust an over or under bite and other such dental problems. The duration of the treatment will depend on the original alignment of your teeth. This will be discussed during your initial consultation.

At our practice in West Malling, braces are just one more way for us to have our patients leave with a satisfied smile on their face.

Local convenience

If you are looking for a dentist in West Malling there may be a few to choose from, but here at One Smile Oral Care, we believe we are an excellent choice.

We understand that people live increasingly busy lives and we make sure our service is as convenient as possible. You can book appointments with us either by telephone or email and we are even open on Saturdays, so every patient should be able to get a convenient appointment time.

When you do come in, you will discover one of the most comfortable dentists in West Malling; with a modern, yet tranquil atmosphere that has been designed with the relaxation of our patients in mind, making a trip to see your dentist in West Malling as appealing as possible.

Dentist in West MallingOur treatments

Your dentist in West Malling can provide a full range of treatments in our luxurious yet comfortable dental practice – with every detail catered for to make sure your experience with us is as pleasant as it could possibly be.


Fillings, gum treatments, root canal procedures, tooth cleaning, breath and even smoking cessation. Your dentist in West Malling will always run tests for oral cancer as a standard part of our care to you.

Special care

We are very experienced in how to treat children and babies, pregnant women and teenagers, making every member of the family feel welcome at One Smile Oral Care.

Cosmetic dentistry

We offer many treatments to make you that bit prouder of your smile. This includes teeth whitening, dental implants and a variety of procedures to straighten misaligned teeth, including Invisalign.

Finance options

Please check out our website for our comprehensive fee guide on all the treatments we have available, with clear, transparent pricing and even the option for a payment plan to ensure every patient has the opportunity to get the smile they want and deserve. Our staff will be happy to answer any queries you may have about any of the prices or treatments.

Don’t delay, contact One Smile Oral Care today to book your first appointment to start your journey to a healthier and happier smile.

An alternative is here

Having straight teeth can be a huge boost to one’s self-image and confidence. However, if the treatment requires one or more years of embarrassing metal hardware covering teeth, some patients may be reluctant to seek treatment in the first place. At One Smile Oral Care, this is no longer the only choice thanks to the innovation of Invisalign in West Malling. Our patients can now enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile without any aesthetic hindrances during treatment.

Invisalign in West MallingIf you are considering Invisalign in West Malling for your smile, it’s a good idea to first familiarise yourself with the treatment process. By understanding what to expect during each step of treatment, you can make a more informed decision about whether this alternative to traditional braces is right for you.

Assessing your candidacy

When you first visit us for your initial consultation, we will be able to inform you if you are a good candidate for Invisalign in West Malling. While Invisalign offers similar results to traditional braces, it cannot yet tackle all the problems that fixed metal braces can address.

Teeth that are impacted or severely rotated, for instance, may not benefit from Invisalign treatment. In order to establish whether Invisalign in West Malling can help you, a preliminary assessment must be made here at One Smile Oral Care.

Your treatment plan

Once you are deemed a good candidate for treatment, impressions can be taken of your teeth. Both physical and digital impressions will be taken, ensuring an accurate representation of your teeth and bite. From these, a 3D model of your mouth will be created, from which your aligners and treatment plan will be created.

In just one to two weeks, your custom-made series of aligners will be sent to our practice and it will be time for treatment to begin. The first set of aligners will be tested for a good fit by one of our dentists. We will then schedule intermittent check ups every two weeks to change your aligners to the next in the series and to track your progress.

In as little as a few months you will be enjoying your new, straighter, healthier smile.